Mnangagwa Fulfilled Only 2% Of 2018 Pledges - Sivio

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Mnangagwa Fulfilled Only 2% Of 2018 Pledges - Sivio

Sivio Institute, an independent research body has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF government has fulfilled only 2% of its 2018 election pledges.

Statistics released yesterday by the Sivio Institute on the performance of government in 2021 show that out of the 237 pledges made in various sectors of governance, only five had been fulfilled.

The report further claims that Mnangagwa managed to fulfil four promises on various issues around the economy and only one on governance, politics and civil rights.

His government has, however, already started working on 27 of the promises, according to the report.

Among other things, the government pledged to enhance foreign currency retention thresholds for exporting firms, promote an export-oriented strategy and ensure that the country’s roads in both rural and urban areas are rehabilitated and maintained, projects which are all in progress.

Sivio Institute said on projects which are underway:

Zimbabwe’s central bank, RBZ, on January 8, 2021, reversed a decision to force exporters, including mining companies, to sell a large portion of their United States dollar earnings if they were not used after 60 days.

Zimbabwe’s balance of payments position continues to strengthen, after surging 4,25% in 2020 compared to the same period last year on account of strong growth in exports.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa recently boasted of having made “huge” progress in constitutional changes, where he has already signed 20 Bills into law since his ascension to power in November 2017.

According to his party’s parliamentary reform tracker, Mnangagwa’s government has drafted 44 constitutional changes and 27 are already in Parliament.

He added that there was no time for complacency urging his party to “continue to reform our economy, our infrastructure, and our country for the benefit of all!”

Sivio observed that while the government had also pledged to eradicate corruption in communities through promoting sound governance, inclusivity, transparency and accountability, “none of the promises have so far been fulfilled.”

There are concerns over continued financial losses to corruption every year, despite the existence of anti-corruption institutions.

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