ZANU PF Responds To "Mnangagwa Fulfilled 2% Of Pledges" Report

2 years ago
Thu, 15 Jul 2021 19:09:09 GMT
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ZANU PF Responds To "Mnangagwa Fulfilled 2% Of Pledges" Report

The ruling ZANU PF has refuted claims by Sivio Institute that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has so far achieved only 2% of the pledges his party made in 2018.

In a statement issued by Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, the party said:


The Revolutionary Party ZANU PF has taken note of a leading story in today’s Newsday paper which belongs to AMH, quoting a non-existent, fame-seeking outfit identified as Sivio which claims that ZANU PF has achieved only 2% of the Party’s promises as provided in the 2018 People’s manifesto.

This fake news story is coming at a time when the ZANU PF Government working tirelessly with the people under the President’s mantra, “No one Must Be Left Behind’ has been commended even by usually unfriendly global institutions such as the IMF which has projected that Zimbabwe’s economic turnaround is indeed on course and the:

“country’s economy Zimbabwe has shown resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and other exogenous shocks. The pandemic, on top of cyclone Idai in 2019, a protracted drought, and weak policy buffers, has taken a severe toll on the economic and humanitarian situation. However, an economic recovery is underway in 2021, with real GDP expected to grow by about six percent, reflecting a bumper agricultural output, increased energy production, and the resumption of greater manufacturing and construction activities.”

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In addition to that, facts and statistics on the ground attest to the fact that Zimbabwe has achieved full food security following a successful agricultural season headlined by the Pfumvudza/ Intwasa Farming Programme and the Presidential Inputs Support Scheme. Resultantly, Zimbabwe has migrated from being a food importer as witnessed by the ban on importation of grain maize and mealie-meal with the country looking forward to becoming a potential exporter of maize and other farm products. There is no doubt that this is a radical departure from what was obtained before the New Dispensation arrived. The People’s Manifesto indeed was very clear on our commitment to connecting Zimbabwe to the region and the world at large through modernization of our road network which in H.E, The President CDE ED Mnangagwa’s own words “must speak to other roads in the region.” Our government has left a permanent mark on our arterial roads and there is no need for any further explanation on that assuming the writer and owners of the AMH Newsday stable are not blind. The dams construction countrywide and erection of irrigation structures to support agriculture and defy climate change are a reality for all to see.

The swift disaster response mechanisms put in place by our Government are the reason why Cyclone Idai torn communities of Chimanimani, Chipinge and other eastern parts of the country are back to life notwithstanding the magnitude of the damage that was caused. The same applies to our Covid-19 pandemic response strategy, which has seen our country’s death rate from the pandemic low and our recovery rate thriving, not to mention that we are the leading country in the region if not from Cape to Cairo in terms of Covid-19 Vaccination.

Due to a raft of macro and micro-economic reforms, our government has maintained our local currency stable against the USS with the Foreign Currency Auction System playing a major role in restoring sanity in the foreign exchange market, resulting in reduced inflation. Political reforms implemented thus far with the repealing of APIPA and POSA, as well as the opening up of the democratic space, explain the peaceful coexistence and tolerance that characterize our civil engagement politically, socially and culturally.

The revolution in our energy sector, industrial recapitalization and resuscitation efforts which have seen the emergence of new industries and resurrection of many that had lost life clearly attest to the seriousness with which we are seized with implementing our pledges. Interestingly, the President has led the launch of these industries in the full eyes of the local media and Newsday itself.

While this statement is not meant to chronologize all our many success stories ranging engagement and re-engagement, efforts towards closure of the Gukurahundi issue and achieving unity and opening up the country for business both local and foreign direct investment (FDI, we challenge the Newsday and the fame-seeking outfit to learn to separate fact from fiction and report responsibly instead of running amok driven by vendetta journalism and a spirit of criticism.

The Party has opened up to all media despite some of them being traditionally hostile and known for doing the bidding for opposition parties that have lost oxygen. We remain committed to that openness and building relations in the spirit of the New Dispensation and President ED Mnangagwa’s directive to drop the ‘us versus them’ approach to our fraternal players in the media. However, we reserve our right to inform the Newsday and its owners to desist from this culture of misrepresenting issues. We have observed this trend for a while but we have remained mature in our response to this malicious fake news orchestra from a single stable. We have neither desire nor intention to control or direct the editorial policy of any media stakeholder but we deserve respect and fair coverage.

Fake News has no place in a civilized newsroom. We categorically reject fake news narratives that seek to criminalize our progress and achievements.


Cde. Ambassador S.K Moyo

Secretary for Information and Publicity & National Spokesperson

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