Responses To "War Veterans Won't Allow Chamisa To Rule" Remarks By Mnangagwa's Spokesperson

2 years agoWed, 18 Aug 2021 08:12:37 GMT
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Responses To "War Veterans Won't Allow Chamisa To Rule" Remarks By Mnangagwa's Spokesperson

George Charamba, the spokesperson of President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday insinuated that war veterans will not allow opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to take power from the ruling ZANU PF.

Observers say the remarks are an open threat of violence by the ruling party ahead of the 2023 elections. Previously, ZANU PF said war veterans and military personnel would not salute the then leader of MDC, the late Morgan Tsvangirai. They eventual did when he became the Prime Minister during the government of national unity (GNU) that was formed in 2009.

Posting on Twitter after MDC Alliance officials had expressed optimism that the party can win elections in Zimbabwe following veteran Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s victory in the presidential election held on 12 August, Charamba said:

Kwaa kufunga kuti madhara ehondo anongopfeka hovhorosi kuti Chamisa agotonga hake??? Imika imi, ityai Mwari!!!! [Do you think these war veterans just wear overalls so that Chamisa can govern? Come on, revere God!!!! [laughing emoji]

Pindula News presents some of the responses to Charamba’s remarks.
Hopewell Chin’ono@daddyhope (freelance journalist)

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This tweet by Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba @jamwanda2 is loaded with fear and intimidation! Hardly an hour passes without Charamba or his surrogates reminding Zimbabweans who the REAL opposition leader is in Zimbabwe. It also debunks the falsehood that Joji is smart!

Hon. Temba P. Mliswa @TembaMliswa (Independent Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency)
It’s both unfortunate& deplorable that government officials are invoking the name of War Veterans and throwing subtle war threats, crafting an erroneous image of veterans as a troublesome group which is against democratic power changes in national politics.

Tichawona Mutoro @dvdticho

Those who died whilst fighting for our freedom are turning in their graves because this is surely not the Zimbabwe they fought and died for.I am disgusted by someone who believes they are entitled to rule Zim because they fought or were part of those who organised Chimurenga.

We appreciate and respect those who sacrificed their lives to free Zimbabwe…including our parents, brothers and sisters. Zim has a lot of qualified people capable of leading, because one fought in the war is not a qualification to hold an office in government.

Pedzisai Ruhanya @PedzisaiRuhanya(opposition MDC Alliance activist)

Grace Mugabe was correct on Jamwanda, anonyora matoto (he writes nonsense). He was a problem under Mugabe and continues to be problematic today. He gives toxic and unlawful advice to security apparatus against the masses and many people have been killed because of this recklessness

They publicly threaten violence, publicly announce they will deploy the armed forces of a country to campaign and protect Zanu PF against the masses, then they say they deserve respect from the masses and their electoral theft should be accepted; really, it’s oxymoronic.

Most genuine liberation fighters are dead. Some of these so called madhara ehondo did not even fire a single shot, very bogus and questionable credentials

Professor Jonathan Moyo (exiled former Information Minister)

Madhara enyu ehondo nemahovhoroso are now the most vulnerable tiny winy segment in the population, in the army, in political parties and even in their families. Be a rational & ethical advisor Cde; tell them the truth, they better go peacefully; or else their exit will be tragic!

Fadzayi Mahere @advocatemahere (opposition MDC Alliance Spokesperson and law lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe)

Why did he not say Mwonzora? Pafungei ipapo [think about it].

Basa rekunyora zvisina basa rese [you (George Charamba) write nonsense].

NdebeleMaker @nhlaasto85

The More they mention Chamisa’s name on daily basis it gives him more traction… The more they speak of him to a thinking Youth it must ring a bell. It must tell u something is special about this guy.. They are getting scared cause Zambian set a precedence n template to copy

Garikai Goremusandu@Garikai1Gorey

I don’t believe in majority rule ever in Rhodesia… not in 1,000 years, Smith once said those words in 1976. It will END.

Tawanda Shumba @cas_ts

Where are the people in this? Surely it is the people, the voters, who decide whether it’s madhara ehondo or Chamisa they want for the highest office. Unless if @Jamwanda2 is telling us that elections in Zimbabwe are a farce, a routine that fulfills legality but useless on power?

MuChikunda @mukorekore4

Charamba has just confirmed one thing, that without the madhara ehondo Chamisa will beat ED hands down. To the Youths, l say go and register to VOTE for Chamisa to put an end to these threats of war once and for all. You need jobs and not threats.

Shingi @ShingiChange

Remember how we all used to fear Robert Mugabe? These people have everything to lose if the Zambian situation is replicated in Zim. Thus they will use every trick in the book but note, if you start seeing them do it so clearly and openly then it means they are afraid, VERY AFRAID

Arnold SwagNigga.@Anorld_80

They’re in panic mode and they’re beginning to play politics of the mind to discourage gullible people who will quickly say we can never win. Zanu wouldn’t pay lobbyists and socialites to solicit for votes if elections didn’t matter. They wouldn’t kill for it either.


It seems that all these years taikandwa fear with these statements and we fell for it and believed it. Massive voter mobilisation, massive voter turn out and coordinated protection of the vote-these guys will go packing rakacheka nyika. 2008 the vote wasnt properly protected!

Leoni Kusanga @LKusanga

Zambians protected their vote. The military helped them do that! I wonder if our military can do what we saw happen in Zambia – a special unit called the Zebra protected the vote at Mulungushi! They even protected the main opposition leader! Zim let’s do it too!!

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