"Kids With Zanu-PF Parents Are More Zanu-PF Than Their Parents" - Jonathan Moyo (Thread)

2 years ago
Sun, 12 Sep 2021 10:43:57 GMT
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"Kids With Zanu-PF Parents Are More Zanu-PF Than Their Parents" - Jonathan Moyo (Thread)

In a recent Twitter thread, exiled former Zanu-PF member and government minister prof Jonathan Moyo makes the claim that many kids of Zanu PF parents have become more Zanu-PF than their parents. We include the full Twitter thread below:

AN UNTOLD but deep seated sociological truth about Zimbabwe today is that many grown up kids with ZanuPF parents are more ZanuPF than their parents. Therefore, Zimbabwe does not only need new leaders but it needs a Martin Luther King Jr. or a Kenneth Kaunda. God bless everyone!

ON 7 SEPT 2021, I reported that three key branches of the #CIO have joined hands with ZanuPF to launch a deadly #Twitterbots campaign. There’s more to say about the CIO/ZanuPF campaign; first let me explain this proposition!

THE IDEA that many grown up kids of ZanuPF parents are more ZanuPF than their parents is a social reality evidenced everywhere you find Zimbabweans, including in these streets. It’s not that the grown up kids are more ZanuPF as members or supporters, than their parents; no!

BEING ZANUPF is not about membership or supportership; rather it’s about one’s mindset, interpersonal or interactive disposition and level of consciousness. Put differently, it’s about one’s pervasive mentality or general orientation and style of engagement on public issues!

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THE ZANUPF mindset is based on a stockholder mentality, which itself is based on an ideology of entitlement which presumes a political dichotomy between “Vene Vazvo” or “abanikazi” (Stockholders) and “Mafikizolos” (the Johnny come lately). It’s an awfully corrosive mindset!

THE THING about political parties is that by definition, their membership is limited in number & insignificant, as a proportion of the population. China’s Communist Party has about 95 million members out of over 1,4 billion people. ZanuPF has about 500,000 out of 15 million!

BECAUSE THEIR membership is limited, political parties use hegemonic approaches to push their ideologies, strategies & policies to keep or get political power. Through hegemonic approaches, parties expose what they see as “good” ideas, values or polices; versus the “bad”!

IN ZIMBABWE, thanks to ZanuPF, hegemonic approaches of political parties are not based on good ideas, values & policies versus the bad ones; they’re based on good people versus bad people. This is the essence of the ZanuPF mindset or mentality; it is about people, not ideas!

IN ZIMBABWE, political parties have words for good & bad people. In ZanuPF, good people are “comrades”; while bad people are “sellouts”, who must either be shunned or dealt with. In the MDC, good people are “machinja” or whatever & bad people are “maZanu” or “opportunists:!

“SELLOUTS” in ZanuPF & “opportunists” in the MDC are equivalent terms of disapproval, demonization & dismissal or ostracization. The prevalence of the terms & the intolerant entitlement or stockholder mentality behind them, is evidence of the Zanufication of the Opposition!

A MAJOR reason for the Zanufication of the Opposition is that, when assessed on the basis of Paulo Freire’s consciousness-template, the organisational and operative conciousness of political parties in Zimbabwe lies between PRIMITIVE consciousness and MASS consciousness!

WHEREAS primitive consciousness is INSTINCTIVE, takes things at their face value, based on PRIMORDIAL affinities such as clans, tribes & so on; mass consciousness is based on shared & unifying beliefs, norms, attitudes & prejudices that lead to collective or GROUPTHINK!

IN CONTRAST with primitive or primordial consciousness, there’s CRITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, which is KNOWLEDGE BASED & requires (1) a CRITICAL understanding of the dominant system & its structures in society; (2) the development of power & agency to DISRUPT & change the SYSTEM!

WITH THE above in mind, back to the #CIO #Twitterbots; their approach is to SCATTER the Opposition writ large & to CAUSE MAYHEM in it; through its Internal Branch Twitter bots, Counterintelligence Branch Twitter bots, Research Branch Twitter bots and ZanuPF Twitter bots!

IT IS in the context of the foregoing, that I base the thesis that grown up kids of ZanuPF parents are more ZanuPF than their parents. Yes, they reject ZanuPF as a party; but no, they don’t have a HIGHER or ALTERNATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS; they’re more EXTREME than their parents!

GROWN UP kids of ZanuPF parents are more ZanuPF than their parents because their response to ZanuPF is PRIMORDIAL, thus INSTINCTIVE; it’s not KNOWLEDGE-BASED or informed by CRITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS; hence it’s reactive against PERSONS & not revolutionary; against the SYSTEM!

WHEREAS ORDINARILY, the #CIO branches operate separately, independent of one another, they’re currently working under a unified set of procedures on Twitter, which the #CIO, after extensive research, has identified as the most critical battle ground for the 2023 elections!

THE JOINT OPERATION by #CIO branches started recently & gained steam after the Zambian elections which proved the power of
Twitter in political messaging. So far, the operation has targeted @daddyhope, @zenzele, @waltermzembi, @Hon_Kasukuwere ,
@PedzisaiRuhanya & this TL!

SO FAR THE MODUS OPERANDI of the operation is to pit well known Opposition figures with a stockholder syndrome; against the “mafikizolos”, who don’t have historical opposition credentials but are vocal on Twitter and have been agitating for Opposition 2023-Election Unity!

THE OPERATION’S massive ghost accounts & bots are infrastructured by Chinese hardware & Israeli software. The accounts, some created over the last three years & most over the last three months–like @ChimeneMandi –generate vitriolic content for likes, retweets etc by bots!

THE OBJECTIVE OF THE OPERATION is to instigate & foster CONFRONTATIONAL relationships in the Opposition ranks between the puritanical stockholders, who want an Opposition dominated by the MDC-A; and the venturesome mafikizolos, who want a broader and diversified opposition!

THE VITRIOLIC MESSAGING, seeks to cause intra-opposition conflict at the level of “primitive consciousness”, based on primordial, political instincts in order to fuel a divisive “mass consciousness” in the Opposition, ahead of the 2023 election. Thus, it must be RESISTED!

AS MAX WEBERIANS know, the best way to change society is through organized praxis. In Zimbabwe, the opposition is unlikely to dislodge ZanuPF with a ZanuPF mindset that employs ZanuPF stockholder tactics of entitlement; at the level of instinctive, PRIMORDIAL CONSCIOUSNESS!

WHAT IS NEEDED in Zimbabwe today is POLITICS BY OBJECTIVES; that is to say purposive political action informed by clear objectives; through a COALITION OF THE WILLING and ABLE organizations, individuals and associate partners ; not an ALLIANCE OF THE BELONGING, like-minded!

THE FIRST & MOST important STRATEGIC question for a COALITION OF THE WILLING & able is not WHO should be in it but WHAT IS TO BE DONE, HOW by WHO, with WHAT & WHEN. This should form an ELECTORAL PACT on HOW to win; HOW to govern & HOW to win the election after the first!



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