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Machete-Wielding Robbers Pounce On Mberengwa Businessman

2 years ago
Tue, 21 Sep 2021 07:08:17 GMT
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Machete-Wielding Robbers Pounce On Mberengwa Businessman

Machete-wielding robbers on Monday morning pounced on a Mberengwa businessman, attacked his family before getting away with cash and cellphones.

It is reported that the robbers went to the house of Onwell Chiponda, one of the shop owners at Takarangana shopping Centre near Gaururo Primary School and broke into the house. The incident happened around 1 am.

Chiponda bemoaned the lack of security at the shopping centre saying that has resulted in the local business people losing their hard-earned money to robbers. He told Pindula News:

Patakarangana paya togara takabigwa. [Theft is prevalent at Takarangana Shopping Centre.]

But apa havana kusvika kumashops, vakangonanga kumba. [This time, the shops were not looted, they came straight to my house.]

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They took USD540, R900, 8 litres of cooking oil, thirteen (13) cell phones. They asaulted me and my wife. We sustained injuries from the assault.

Asked if he recognised the robbers, he said he did not, adding that he suspects that one of the three-member gang is a local person who knew him and his business. He said:

Pane asina kupinda mumba. Anoratidza kuti ndiye aitoziva zvose. [One robber remained outside the house. It seems he is the one who had the information.]

The gang was armed with machetes, axes, shamboks and iron bars. They wrangled with Chiponda who was holding the door to block them from gaining entry.

They reportedly threw stones into the house through the window to force the inhabitants to open the door but Chiponda could not give in.

Realising that the inhabitants could not be forced to open, the robbers resorted to breaking the door using an axe. The door fell and they went in and started beating the inhabitants while demanding money.

Chiponda ended up giving them the money and phones.

They also ransacked all the rooms searching for money.

Chiponda said the reintroduction of the neighbourhood watch could help residents since the nearest police station is at Jeka Business Centre, about 7 kilometres from Takarangana.

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