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Chief Chireya Of Gokwe Denies Theft Allegations

1 year ago
Fri, 01 Oct 2021 10:26:07 GMT
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Chief Chireya Of Gokwe Denies Theft Allegations

Chief Chireya from the Gokwe Chireya area has denied allegations of theft levelled against him by some of his subjects.

This week, Pindula News reported that one of his Chief Chireya’s subjects, Mr Andrew teteni was accusing the traditional leader of being part of a wide web that was “stealing” from the general populace under the guise of taking fines for various offences.

Teteni told Pindula News that the Chief, born name Henry Chidzivo, had sent his messengers – Mr Jethro Chidzivo, Mr Thomas Madomasi, and Mr George, who took 4 cattle, 1 scotch cart, 2 dogs, 2 tyres, 1 trek chain, 1 york and a 500g surf sachet.

Teteni also claimed to have been threatened with banishment by the Chief’s messengers while his 16-year-old nephew was kidnapped and dumped 7 kilometres from home. He was in bad shape when he came back home at night, Teteni added.

Teteni reported the matter to the police at Chireya police station and he was told to check with the Chief suggesting there could be a case. 

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He went to the Chief’s place where he learnt that his 16-year-old son was being accused of committing adultery with the wife of one Tavona Hove and that the properties seized were considered as fine for the offence.

Teteni requested that the matter be heard again in the Chief’s court upon payment of US$50. Chief Chireya told Pindula News that Teteni’s son was then convicted of adultery on the 20th of December.

Chief Chireya says he ordered Teteni to pay four cows and also ordered Hove to return Teteni’s scotch cart. He said he never ordered the seizure of the other items mentioned by Teteni, that is, two dogs, 2 tyres, 1 trek chain, 1 york and a 500g surf sachet. He added:

Kana maMessengers akatora zvinhu zvisiri paLC4 kuba [messengers of court must only seize items mentioned on the LC4, anything beyond that is theft.

Teteni sent this reporter a copy of an LC4 form of the case heard on 27 November 2020 whose judgment was passed on 20 December 2020. It notes that Teteni was ordered to pay “4 beasts, ngoro ngaidzokere [the scotch cart must be returned to Teteni.” Further reads the judgment:

Izvi zvabuda mushure mekunge dare rabata mumhan’arirwi nemhosva [this was after the accused had been found guilty of the offence of adultery].

Teteni also sent this reporter a copy of another LC4 form which contained the default judgment that was issued on 22 November 2020. Reads the judgment:

Plea: Wakadaidzwa kudare ukaramba kuuya for two weeks.

Result: Dare ratonga nyaya musungwa asipo.

Fine: 2 goats uye ngaaripe mombe 5 dzinodiwa nemumhan’ari.

The traditional leader added that when Teteni was not satisfied with the judgment, he approached the Civil Court which ordered that he should be given back his properties. Added the Chief:

I am allowed by the laws of the land to hear matters arising in my Chiefdom. Tavona Hove came alleging that Teteni’s son had committed adultery with his wife.

After hearing the matter, I gave a judgment. For the record, I sent a letter to Hove instructing him to stop selling the properties after Teteni had requested that the matter be heard again. That was before the second judgment.

The interpleader proceedings (after Teteni indicated that he was the owner of the seized properties, not his son) started when the properties were no longer in my custody. Taive tadopa mombe kuna Hove, pamwe akadla (we had already given Mr Hove the cattle, probably he had already eaten them). I wouldn’t know.

He should approach Hove with the Civil court papers for him to recover his properties. I don’t see where I fit in.

Teteni alleges that the Chief had promised him that the seized properties were safe with him till the case had been finalised.

He approached the Civil Court on 21 July 2021 seeking the reversal of the Chief’s judgment and the recovery of all his properties.

The Civil Court ruled in his favour but he is yet to recover 2 dogs, 2 tyres, 1 trek chain, 1 york and a 500g surf sachet and 4 cows. The Chief says he did not order the seizure of those items.

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