Stanbic Bank Donates Mattresses, Blankets, Pillows To Children's Home

1 year ago
Fri, 15 Oct 2021 12:42:21 GMT
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Stanbic Bank Donates Mattresses, Blankets, Pillows To Children's Home

Stanbic Bank has donated mattresses, blankets and pillows to Wings of Hope Children’s Home in Houghton Park, Southern Harare. Pindula News presents a statement issued by the bank on the donation.


Stanbic Bank has donated 11 mattresses, 22 blankets and 11 pillows to Wings of Hope Children’s Home in Houghton Park, southern Harare, in keeping with its commitment to meet the needs of underprivileged children.

The donation is Stanbic Bank’s response to the clarion call by the South African Embassy for companies operating in Zimbabwe to donate in cash and kind to local charitable organisations, Children’s and/or Old People’s Homes and other institutions as part of Nelson Mandela Day commemorations.

Stanbic Bank Board Member, Jonathan Wood said the South African Embassy identifies potential beneficiaries that companies can support as well as the needs of these beneficiary institutions. Said Wood:

Stanbic Bank is honoured to be involved in such a worthy cause which helps put smiles on the faces of the various needy individuals across the country. The request by the South African Embassy resonates with Stanbic Bank’s comprehensive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives through which it ploughs back into the community in which it operates.

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He said Stanbic Bank’s CSI initiatives span the full spectrum of socio-economic structures such as health, education, sport, the environment and the arts among others. The CSI initiatives are well thought out such that beneficiaries are drawn from various age groups inclusive of children.

Wood said Stanbic is passionate about uplifting the welfare of vulnerable children cognisant of the fact that they are tomorrow’s future. He added:

Stanbic Bank recognises the importance of sound sleep and how it helps one rest and recover after often a hectic day for the children hence it is a pleasure for us to avail the 11 mattresses, 22 blankets and 11 pillows. We take comfort in the fact that the beneficiaries are now looking forward to going to bed safe in the knowledge that they will be tucked in comfortable beds, with blankets and pillows for a good and well deserved rest.

The essence of Nelson Mandela Day, which falls on July 18 each year, calls for action by having people ignite the embers of Ubuntu and tackle food insecurity by working together.

The theme for 2021 is “One Hand Can Feed Another” and Wood said Stanbic Bank is pleased to have played its part in ensuring the Embassy achieves its aims and goals.

The need to inspire change is now more critical than ever as people work collectively to overcome the COVID 19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact on health systems, economies, the lives, livelihood and wellbeing of all. He said:

As Stanbic Bank we couldn’t agree more as can be demonstrated by our channelling US$200 000.00 towards purchase of the much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs),  and various equipment to help combat the menacing COVID 19 over the last year.

Wings of Hope representative Justice Nyamadipa said the donation by Stanbic Bank had taken a huge burden off their shoulder as the institution had struggled to provide bedding for the children.

Nyamadipa said it was heartening to get support in this period in which COVID 19 had caused economic hardships on many companies. Said Nyamadipa:

We really are at a loss of words to thank Stanbic Bank for this wonderful gift. For them to donate the items in these trying times is indeed a gesture of unwavering commitment to the cause of the underprivileged and long may this continue.

The Wings of Hope Children’s Ministry is in partnership with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost Mbare. It was founded in 2005 as a result of parents dying from HIV/AIDS and children were left vulnerable and sometimes alone. The programme, at inception, was feeding about 300 children from the community of Mbare and from these 300 children, 12 children who were most in need were identified to stay with Pastor Ephraim Dube at the church, in a four-roomed house.

The organisation has an increased uptake of children needing assistance. Reverend Dube also opened a bridging school, because most of the children had dropped out and some have never been in school.

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