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Man Sets Grandmother's House On Fire Accusing Tenants Of Trying To Steal It

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Man Sets Grandmother's House On Fire Accusing Tenants Of Trying To Steal It

A 47-year-old man set his grandmother’s house in Entumbane, Bulawayo on fire after he accused tenants of not paying rent on time and trying to steal the house.

His grandmother, Gogo Gladys Sibanda reported that Nkululeko Mpofu who was drunk torched the house on Monday night, burning property that belonged to a tenant only known as MaTshuma.

The property lost in the inferno was worth $50 000 and Gogo Sibanda does not know how to pay her tenants. Narrated Gogo Sibanda:

My grandson arrived in the evening drunk and found myself and MaTshuma talking. We were discussing the Bible. He then started accusing us that we are gossiping about him and then we replied saying why should we gossip about you when we are discussing the Bible.

He then started saying the tenants were not paying rent money on time. MaTshuma replied to him saying, how many times did he want her to pay rent. I also added that how can he ask me about money that doesn’t concern him.

She said Nkululeko insulted MaTshuma and they had a heated exchange outside the house.

Gogo Sibanda said she tried to quell the situation but failed, prompting her to seek the assistance of a resident’s association representative.

Before her return, she was informed that her house was of fire and immediately came back with the residents and the police. Nkululeko was then arrested.

She said she has been with him since his birth.

Gogo Sibanda is temporarily living with relatives in Pumula Old.

Bulawayo City Council Chief Fire Officer Linos Phiri confirmed the incident.

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