CCC Deputy Spokesperson Thanks Gokwe Residents

1 year ago
Sun, 27 Feb 2022 07:27:42 GMT
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CCC Deputy Spokesperson Thanks Gokwe Residents

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy national spokesperson, Gift “Ostallos” Siziba has thanked residents of Gokwe town for coming out in large numbers for the party’s rally on Saturday despite the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)’s efforts to disrupt the event.

Heavily-armed police officers used water cannon, tear gas and batons to disperse CCC supporters in Gokwe, forcing the party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa, to shelve the rally.

Posting on Twitter, Siziba said CCC will not be intimidated as the opposition party is set to hold another rally in Kwekwe this Sunday. Below is Siziba’s Twitter thread:

1. Yellow citizens, we continue to be humbled by the expressed desire for change & transformation, to be ushered by your citizens’ movement, as led by the Citizen’s Change Champion, President @nelsonchamisa. The people of Gokwe are just as clear.

2. As we updated earlier in the morning, the regime employed all sorts of tactics to ensure the #YellowGokwe rally didn’t go ahead. Beyond police perjury in the courts, they went on to defy a High Court order to allow the Citizen’s Rally to go on.

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3. With heavy armoury which almost resembled a war, the police, unprovoked & perhaps possessed & unhinged, displaced citizens with tear smokes, poisoned water & shamboks.

4. The determination of the citizens in rural Gokwe demystified the propaganda that we are an urban-based party. The state responded to their miscalculation, by eventually DOUBLED their initial deployment of tankers, yet citizens couldn’t be deterred still.

5. While still at the Tobaiwa homestead paying last respects to the family, over the loss of Kwekwe’s beloved ex-Mayor, the Citizen’s President received a briefing on the political developments in Gokwe.

6. The message was we must “go back to Harare”. With dexterity, the response from your President Nelson Chamisa was equally clear, “all roads lead to Gokwe, if we are to die for the cause, let it be.”

7. The defiance of the state apparatus ensured that the President’s convoy was slowed down by over 11 roadblocks. Regardless, we eventually had a triumphant entry in Gokwe.

8. The Citizen’s President was met with thousands of displaced citizens, who self-organized to greet their Leader. We turned the banned rally into a walkabout, engaging thousands of pocked citizens, at different stops.

9. Whereas we have never had any illusions, the resilience of the citizens of Gokwe fortified our resolve. Together, we confronted blatant lawlessness with restraint, & triumphed.

10. To the people of Gokwe, particularly thousands of millennials who were the last crowd we engaged, the Citizen’s President was clear, “I will be back”. Indeed, we will mobilise again & gather in our Cotton Town.

10. We found hopeful citizens & left behind hopeful citizens, in Gokwe. In contrast, on our way back, we were met with 30 odd buses with dejected & hungry-looking people, forced and bused from Gokwe & surrounding areas.

11. Fellow Citizens tomorrow, the Yellow alternative colours Kwekwe. We will not tire. The Citizen’s President is clear on the task at hand. We will triumph because citizens are at the centre, the oppressed are in charge and God is with us. Remember to Register to vote for Yellow night!

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