This Strategy Of Trying To Fake Abductions Is Now A Tired Script - ZANU PF

1 year ago
Thu, 17 Mar 2022 08:05:27 GMT
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This Strategy Of Trying To Fake Abductions Is Now A Tired Script - ZANU PF

The ruling ZANU PF has described the alleged abductions are being staged, an overused and outdated scheme meant to tarnish the image of the government.

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) tweeted Saturday suggesting that former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba had gone missing.

The party’s national spokesperson, advocate Fadzayi Mahere later posted that Mr Gomba had been found and was in the custody of his family.

But the ruling party said the flip-flopping in the CCC is just a continuation of the party’s ritualised tales of abductions meant to soil the country’s image.

ZANU PF director for Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, said the CCC, led by Nelson Chamisa, has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from history. He said:

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This strategy of trying to fake abductions which are followed by fake news and fake alerts might have worked for some time but fortunately, ever since it was busted on Magombeyi, Samantha Kureya and lately the trio of Joana Mamombe and crew, it is now a tired script.

 What Hebert Gomba is not aware of is that his actions border on criminality and the sooner he realises that, it will be too late. Zimbabwe has paid a huge price in its global reputation owing to these shenanigans and this tomfoolery must stop forthwith.

The arms of the law must be long enough to stretch to those shenanigans. Investigations should be carried out and I am sure that these puppets will be exposed for what they are.

Activists Cecilia Chimbiri, Joanna Mamombe and Netsai Marowa claimed that they were abducted by alleged State security agents in May 2020 but the States denies the allegations.

A political analyst Mr Caution Torovei said “the stunts, which have now become tired, ineffective and monotonous, are carried out to tarnish the image of the country.”

The alleged abductions are being used to justify the sanctions against Zimbabwe by claiming human rights abuses.

Another political analyst and researcher Mr Alex Munyonga said as the “by-elections and the 2023 harmonised elections draw nearer, the West’s agents should be reminded that despite their silly stunts, their handlers do not participate in Zimbabwean elections.”

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