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'Prophet' Fined 3 Beasts For Parading Naked 'Witches'

1 year ago
Thu, 24 Mar 2022 11:50:24 GMT
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'Prophet' Fined 3 Beasts For Parading Naked 'Witches'

A 35-year-old Domboshava self-proclaimed prophet was on Sunday fined three beasts by a Community Court for parading eight people naked, in front of villagers.

Madzibaba Renjidai, born Lovemore Kasambarare, appeared before Chief Chanhamora’s court after he paraded nude people to villagers at Munondo Village.

Madzibaba Renjidai accused his victims of dabbling in witchcraft but the chief asserted that it was taboo in his area to expose naked people in public.

In his judgement, Chief Chinamhora warned Madzibaba Renjidai over his shenanigans saying his conduct divides families. Said the chief:

Zvawakaita zvekupfekenura vanhu mbatya ndiko kupfekenura dunhu, wakapfekenura mambo uye wakapfekenura sabhuku. (What you did, undressing people in public, is akin to undressing the land. You undressed the chief and you also undressed the village head).

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We do not want people who operate without the knowledge of our traditional leaders as well as conduct prayers, or cleansing ceremonies, which seek to divide families.

From the evidence given by one of the minor victims, Madzibaba Renjidai forced his victims to undress at knifepoint, before locking their clothes in your room.

You went on to invite villagers to view all the eight naked people, for the better part of the day.

Such misconduct is taboo, according to our traditional values and culture and, this has never happened in this area within my jurisdiction.

By undressing the kraal head’s wife, you were undressing her husband who gave you a place to live with your family.

You exposed our land, Ndicho chinonzi chisiwonekwe kana kuti chipini ichocho. (taboo).

I do not confirm nor deny that there is witchcraft.

I do not know how your claimed spiritual powers operate but let me encourage you to learn to control your spirit so that it is not tempted to assault people as a punishment.

I want to believe that this was your first time to do such misconduct and you will not do the same thing again.

If I may take this opportunity to urge village heads to look out for people, who operate under the name of healing, to report them to police as well as bring them before our traditional court.

We want to promote unity and peace among villagers.

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