GMB Statement On The Sale Of Controlled Grains [Full Text]

1 year ago
Wed, 01 Jun 2022 16:07:14 GMT
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GMB Statement On The Sale Of Controlled Grains [Full Text]

Full statement by Grain Marketing Board (GMB) chief executive officer Rockie Mutenha on the control and sale of maize and soya beans.

1. The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) wishes to advise all farmers that maize, soya beans, wheat and barley are controlled products in terms of the following Statutory Instruments:

a. Statutory Instrument 145 -Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Maize) Regulations, 2019.

b. Statutory Instrument 97-Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Soya Beans) Regulations, 2021.

c. Statutory Instrument 188 – Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Wheat and Barley) Regulations, 2021.

2. All farmers or producers of controlled grains are required to deliver the product to any nearest GMB depot. Farmers/producers who intend to retain a portion of the product for farm feed or other commercial usage shall apply for exemption from GMB.

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3. No one is allowed to sell or buy maize and any controlled product other than through GMB unless one is a bona fide contractor registered with the Agricultural Marketing Authority of Zimbabwe (AMA).

4. All farmers, producers and contractors are required to apply for a movement permit where grains are being moved from one area to the other.

5. Trading in controlled products (buying or selling) without the authority of the GMB is an offence. All storers, millers, stock feeders and any other users of controlled products are required to register with the GMB before engaging in such business.

6. Grain Marketing Board shall be enforcing the above Statutory Instruments to ensure compliance. Those found in breach of the regulations risk prosecution, forfeiture of the grains and a fine three times the selling price of the controlled product.

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