"Chamisa Is A Madman," Mnangagwa Tells Apostolic Sect Congregants

1 year agoSat, 27 Aug 2022 04:44:08 GMT
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"Chamisa Is A Madman," Mnangagwa Tells Apostolic Sect Congregants

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has indirectly suggested that opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is mentally challenged and will never become the country’s president.

Addressing a church gathering at Johane Masowe Vadzidzi VaJesu shrine in Madziva, Mashonaland Central Province on Thursday, Mnangagwa said:

When a mother gives birth to a mentally-challenged child, she does not starve him to death. They will continue to give him food.

We also have a madman in our midst who thinks that Zimbabwe will be developed by the British or Americans.

We cannot stop him, but he will continue to bark without ruling.

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ZANU PF has in the past alleged that the country’s main opposition parties are puppets of the West and work to advance the interests of the country’s erstwhile colonisers.

Mnangagwa has been meeting churches in what analysts believe is part of a wider campaign strategy but he denies that he visiting places of worship to get votes. He said:

People think that I am doing this for votes, but I know that as a President, you can only rule on earth.

Our earthly kingdom has a lifespan, so I am doing this so that I will have a place in heaven.

If you vote against Zanu PF, you are going against God.

This is the party sent by God to liberate the people of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the leader of Vadzidzi VaJesu, Ishmael Magodi, revealed that part of the church’s “decalogue” is allegiance to ZANU PF. He said:

One of our 10 commandments is that you have to support ZANU PF to be our member. We are promising to give you one million votes.

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) political science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, believes love for power, and for the Bible is pushing Mnangagwa to visit churches. He said:

This goes to show the enormous and increasing power of the religious factor, particularly the indigenous African churches as well as the Pentecostals.

Remember, according to the recent Afrobarometer survey (March-April 2022), 90% of Zimbabweans declared that they are Christians.

This is coupled with the fact that religious leaders are by far the most trusted among public figures, with 71% of adult citizens saying they trust them compared to the next most trusted institutions, traditional leaders who attract 58% trust levels.

In short, the first family – President and First Lady – have their fingers on the pulse.

But, let’s be clear: it’s not for the love of Jesus or the Bible but for the love of power that proximity to religious figures yields.

Also note that traditional leaders have long been targeted and are now in the fold, and so are many other socio-political demographic groups.

This is all part of a total strategy that leaves no stone unturned on the road to retaining State House.

A recent Afrobarometer survey indicated that if elections were held at that juncture, 33% of the respondents were going to vote for Chamisa while 30% would vote for Mnangagwa.

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