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Zimbabwe Weather Report & Forecast: 05 To 07 January 2023

8 months ago
Thu, 05 Jan 2023 16:08:59 GMT
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Zimbabwe Weather Report & Forecast: 05 To 07 January 2023

The weather report and forecast issued by the Meteorological Services Department in conjunction with the Department of Civil Protection at 4 PM on Thursday 05 January 2023 valid until Saturday 07 January 2023:


As if a calm before a storm, much of the country had generally light showers, 5mm and below. The only place that had higher rainfall amounts were Nyanga (20mm), Bulawayo (12mm) and Joshua M. Nkomo International Airport (9mm).

These latter areas indicate the approach of a cloud band from the west, through Matabeleland North and South Provinces heading eastward into the rest of the country.

Meanwhile, winds over the southeast coast of Southern Africa are slowly strengthening; while the ITCZ remains active over the northern parts of the country, with rain showers and mostly cloudy conditions.


Cloudy and warm conditions are expected countrywide, with morning rain coupled with afternoon thunderstorms.

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Towards evening, south-easterly winds should begin to strengthen and feed more moisture to the southern and eastern parts of the country.

Thus heavy overnight rains are anticipated in the southern parts of Manicaland, Masvingo and Matabeleland South Provinces as well as southern parts of the Midlands Province.


  • Lightning strikes remain a threat to humans and livestock, as well as infrastructure.
  • Localized heavy rains may reduce visibility in a few areas, more so at night.
  • Flash flooding is probable in localized areas especially those that have water-saturated soils, impervious (paved) grounds, wetlands and river basins.


  • Avoid crossing flooded rivers, swollen streams, areas where flash flooding has occurred, or where flowing water is above ankle height. Noting that, a 30cm depth of flowing water can sweep away large vehicles. Wait for the water to subside before attempting to cross, even if no heavy rains have occurred in the area in question, they may have occurred upstream.
  • When thunder roars, go indoors. Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes after the thunderstorms have ended. These are precautionary measures to reduce the chances of being struck by lightning.


Cloudy, windy and mild conditions are expected in the southern parts of Manicaland, southern districts of the Midlands, Bulawayo Metropolitan, Matabeleland South and Masvingo Provinces, with rain and drizzle in places.

Heavy rains remain probable, especially over higher ground such as the Eastern Highlands.

Northern areas of Midlands, Harare Metropolitan, northern parts of Manicaland and all Mashonaland Provinces should be mostly cloudy and warm with scattered thunderstorms and heavy rains in places.

Isolated thundershowers are anticipated in Matabeleland North. Warm by day, mild overnight.



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