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Zvobgo Threatens To Evict ZANU PF From Offices If He Loses Primaries

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Zvobgo Threatens To Evict ZANU PF From Offices If He Loses Primaries

ZANU PF member Edison Zvobgo Junior has allegedly threatened to evict the party from his premises if fails to win Sunday’s primary elections.

According to TellZim News, ZANU PF Masvingo provincial offices are currently at the Chevron Hotel, which is part of the Regency Group run by Zvobgo.

Zvobgo is contesting the ZANU PF primaries for the third time and has lost in both previous attempts.

He lost two party primaries in two different constituencies (Masvingo Central in 2013 and Masvingo Urban in 2018).

Zvobgo allegedly issued the threat to evict ZANU PF from his building while addressing party supporters during one of his campaign rallies at Rarangwe Primary School in Masvingo Central.

ZANU PF reportedly made special arrangements with the Zvogbos and has not been paying rentals for over 15 years now.

Now, Zvobgo apparently feels that the party should honour him by making sure that he wins the Masvingo Central primaries where he will be tussling out with six other candidates.

Contacted for comment by TellZim News, Zvobgo denied the claims, saying his opponents could be behind the allegations. He said:

That is a lie, I have never said that, those could be bombs being thrown in my way by opponents and this is common during elections.

I am the son of two national heroes and I am pure ZANU PF. I have been housing the party for more than 15 years so I cannot say that now.

TellZim quoted sources who were present at the rally as saying Zvobgo warned that if he loses again he will kick the provincial secretariat out of his offices. Said a source:

Zvogbo said it is high time the party recognizes his efforts by making sure that he wins the forthcoming primaries because he has been housing the ZANU PF provincial headquarters for years now for free.

If not voted, he will contemplate giving them the notice to vacate his premises at Chevron hotel.

ZANU PF Provincial Party Chairperson Robson Mavhenyengwa said he was not aware of the threats but said if it was true, maybe Zvobgo will communicate with his office. He said:

I haven’t heard of that, people can say things wherever they are and if that is true maybe he will communicate with my office, but as of now he hasn’t communicated with us.

Probably he will communicate after the primary elections.

ZANU PF has an agreement with Cde Zvobgo and Regency which I cannot discuss.

Zvobgo is contesting Masvingo Central in tomorrow’s primaries, with the other candidates being Edmund Mhere, Phainos Makwarimba, Achson Mupandawana, Victor Charumbira, Mutati Nyikadzino and Eddison Nechasike.

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