UNISA Denies Fake Degrees Claim

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UNISA Denies Fake Degrees Claim

The University of South Africa (UNISA) has dismissed claims by Mandisa Mashego, a former EFF member, that it is under investigation for issuing fake degrees.

In a podcast, Mandisa said UNISA was “becoming like these Nigerian universities”.

She also claimed that the institution was being investigated for fake degrees, for people who sit and write exams for others or even do the entire curriculum for them.

In a statement released on 01 April 2023, UNISA demanded that Mandisa apologise and withdraw her utterances, saying it reserved the right to also legally challenge the leader of Abantu Batho Congress. Reads the statement:

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has taken note of the interview by Penuel “The Black Pen” with Mandisa Mashego who made unjustified and unsubstantiated statements that Unisa is currently under investigation for fake degrees, for people writing curriculum for others, for running classes, for corruption and “Lot of things”.

She also likened Unisa to some “Nigerian universities” that she alleges have no legitimacy (though they are accredited).

Unisans and the rest of the University community should dismiss the misleading utterances of Ms. Mashego with the contempt they deserve.

Unisa’s academic integrity, credibility, legitimacy, and stature are not in doubt. The university continues to shape futures of various people across the world including leaders of various sectors of society. I

t makes a tremendous contribution to the higher education sector by graduating around a third of all graduates in South Africa.

As a public institution of higher learning that is governed by a range of applicable rules and regulations including those relating to quality assurance and accreditation; we remain in focused in supporting and promoting the academic project of our university and strive to improve student support that enhances their positive experience of Unisa.

Having said that, Unisa calls upon Ms. Mashego to withdraw her utterances and apologise to Unisa. The university reserves the right to also challenge Ms. Mashego legally.

UNISA is reported to be the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment has over 400 000 students, including international students from 130 countries worldwide.

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