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Former ZISCO Board Chairman Says 18 Years Of Policy Advice To Zimbabwean Government Went Unheard

1 month ago
Sun, 20 Aug 2023 08:00:29 GMT
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Former ZISCO Board Chairman Says 18 Years Of Policy Advice To Zimbabwean Government Went Unheard

Former ZISCO Board Chairman, Professor Gift Mugano, expressed disappointment that his grounded policy advice provided to the Government of Zimbabwe over 18 years fell on deaf ears. He made the remarks in a Twitter post where he explained his decision to vote for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the upcoming general elections on August 23.

Mugano criticised the ruling party, ZANU PF, for their lack of responsiveness and arrogance, highlighting issues such as healthcare and education decline, economic instability, and poverty. He believes Chamisa is the future and the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems, advocating for an inclusive economy, good governance, and social services for all. He said:

I am back from India on time to vote for @nelsonchamisa & @CCCZimbabwe in the upcoming general elections. In line with the constitutional provisions, I will exercise my constitutional rights to vote by voting for @nelsonchamisa on August free 2023. Why in my opinion we must reject @ZANUPF_Official: @ZANUPF_Official is not a listening government. For the last 18 years, I provided GOZ with grounded policy advice but all fell on deaf ears. @ZANUPF_Official is arrogant, in this 2023 general elections it didn’t present a manifesto arguing that its works is its manifesto. This is highest of arrogance. Is @ZANUPF_Official telling us to vote for shortages of drugs at hospitals & clinics, collapse of education, economic instability, poverty since this is what it has achieved?

In the last 43 years @ZANUPF_Official has established a sustained oppressive regime on the opposition and opposing voices. This is not the Zimbabwe our parents fought for!

On the back of constructive criticism & policy advice I offered to the @ZANUPF_Official I bear testimony to incessant harassment instigated by @ZANUPF_Official ministers & senior government officials (ref I had to step down from ZISCO Board to buy my freedom back, was kicked out from one of the State institutions in 2022 on account of my fierce criticis on GOZ decision to suspend lending & was ‘blacklisted’ from participating in important national events such as budget consultations held in 2022. All this effort was done with a view to cut my sources of income – of course with a myopic view that they didn’t know that, with His grace, Zimbabwe is too small for me. Against all odds, I refused to be whipped or scump to pressure hence they failed to silence me. As a principled professional, I will not vote for an oppressive regime.

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@ZANUPF_Official failed to run the Zimbabwe economy on a sustained path. Since 14 November 1997, i.e., the black Friday, which saw the ZWL crashing, we witnessed sustained economic decay, loss of pensions & savings, death of the ZWL, massive corruption at a commercial scale, rising poverty & misery, rising stunting growth, collapse of education & health care, infrastructure deficit, unemployment, rising drug abuse amongst the youth. The list is endless.

Now, having followed closely @ZANUPF_Official government policies, policy missteps and policy failure for the last 25 years, in particular, I am convinced that @ZANUPF_Official will bring nothing but more misery if voted into office. #zanupffailed #zanupfmustgo.

@nelsonchamisa is the future. @nelsonchamisa is the solution to Zimbabwe problems. I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no cyclone, earthquake, volcano nor any gymnastics can take out @nelsonchamisa from the equation of solutions to Zimbabwe’s problems. Those who have ears must hear. @nelsonchamisa is the solution for everyone!

Fellow Citizens, let us vote for the US$100 billion entrepreneurial, inclusive & shared economy [decent jobs; world-class infrastructure, diversified & value added exports; MATURA; title deeds for urbanites, communal land & new resettlement]; Governance, Transformative & Consensus State [governance, strong institutions & leadership; zero corruption; a consulting & inclusive state, accountable & responsible nation]; Social Services & Social Delivery for Everyone [free health & education, safety nets for the vulnerable, pensions for the elderly]; Nation Building [ubuntu, respect, tolerance, reconciliation, unity, peace]; Making Zimbabwe Great [a model country on good leadership & governance; strategic global food supplier; God fearing, God loving & God honouring nation; signature products; settled, great & happy people]; reconstruction; restoration; transformation; modernisation and reconciliation.

Mugano resigned in 2020, stating that he believes his contribution to policy discussions is crucial and should not be compromised by a limited role as interim chairman and board member of ZISCO. He said he took this decision in the best interest of the country, as he wants to continue providing uninterrupted and constructive views on various policies. 

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