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Zimbos, SAns Urged To Dump "Fake Revolutionary Parties" ZANU PF And ANC

6 months agoMon, 04 Sep 2023 09:21:17 GMT
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Zimbos, SAns Urged To Dump "Fake Revolutionary Parties" ZANU PF And ANC

Renowned Zimbabwean journalist and filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono, said Zimbabwean and South African citizens should work together to bring to an end “corrupt rule” in their countries.

South Africa is governed by the ANC, whose support has been dwindling since the attainment of majority rule in 1994.

ZANU PF has overseen the near-collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy and social service for the past 43 years since the country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1980.

While ZANU PF won Zimbabwe’s disputed elections held on 23 August 2023, South Africans will vote in 2024, with the ANC’s majority in Parliament under threat.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), Chin’ono said ZANU PF and ANC elites are now out of touch and Zimbabweans and South Africans should “bin” the corrupt parties as they did to the Ian Smith’s Rhodesian government and the Apartheid regime, respectively. He wrote:

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It is a tragedy that the ANC South African Government fails to understand that a working Zimbabwe will be more beneficial for South Africa and its citizens.

Its support for corrupt rule and rigged elections in Zimbabwe will be remembered for generations to come as a stain on our friendship as a people.

South African citizens don’t benefit from Zimbabwe’s collapse, it is only the business elites who get cheap labour and the political elites who get bribes.

South African citizens have to share social services like healthcare and social welfare with Zimbabweans.
Zimbabweans would like to stay home and work for their country and only go to South Africa for holidays.

But it is the rigged elections that have pushed them to cross the crocodile-infested Limpopo River to survive.

As citizens of both countries, we should fight for better governance and accountability, and not allow the fake revolutionary nonsense that is used to loot and pillage both countries by the corrupt elite!

It is unthinkable that the ANC which had Secretary Generals like Alfred Nzo has now been reduced to a laughing stock that supports election theft and lies about the causes of Zimbabwe’s troubles.

As your president flies into Harare to be among a very few Heads of State who are celebrating a shambolic election, we know that you stand with us as a people.

We love you dearly and we understand the pressures created by illegal immigration on your quality of life.

Please help those of us fighting for a better Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe to succeed, we need your support.

Together we can end up with governments that respect the rule of law and are not driven by the corruption bug!

South Africa President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa was on Monday expected to be among a handful of Heads of State to attend President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration in Harare.

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