Tsholotsho Man Who Left Home Before Independence Returns

6 months agoSat, 30 Dec 2023 06:31:17 GMT
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Tsholotsho Man Who Left Home Before Independence Returns

Philip Moyo, an 81-year-old man from Tsholotsho, recently made returned to Zimbabwe after leaving for South Africa in 1960 and never coming back until now. Moyo, now recovering from malnutrition at Mpilo Central Hospital, claims that he cannot remember much about his life away from home. However, he does recall that Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, used to have a larger population of white people than it does now.

Moyo left his home in Nemane Tsholotsho before Zimbabwe gained its independence and started a family with his wife, who hails from Botswana. He told The Herald that he had a child in Rhodesia, but unfortunately, he cannot remember the name of his girlfriend or the child. His belongings, displayed during the interview, consisted of a black coat, two worn-out wallets containing a few rand and pula coins, and a pair of sunglasses. 

Moyo said his decision to return to Zimbabwe was driven by the desire to visit his surviving relatives in Mpopoma, following the death of his sister. During his time in South Africa, Moyo worked as a domestic worker. He said:

I was cooking, cleaning and doing menial jobs the whole time and I would get news about my family from people I met in South Africa. I just did not have their phone numbers, but I am aware that many have died including my parents although I know I have a few relatives who can visit me so that at least I reunite with my family.

I have been told that I am in Bulawayo but this place doesn’t look like it, it used to have lots of white people back in Rhodesia and I cannot remember what my home looks like. I never abandoned my family, it was just that I left when I was young and thought I would get established, which also failed.

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I need to meet my relatives; I do not have any sort of identification document but phone numbers of my relatives whom I was last in contact with.

Nurses told me they picked me up from Mpopoma and I know that one of my nephews resides there who is alive and he was the one who was supposed to host me while attending my sister’s funeral wake.

Moyo’s memory has faded over time, and he cannot recall much about his family in Zimbabwe. He only remembers that his father’s name was Sibambosobunyonyo, his mother’s name was Madawu, and his home was near Nemane Primary School in Tsholotsho, in an area called Mandeya.

Sister Norma Mabhena, the public relations officer of Mpilo Central Hospital, said Moyo’s condition has improved compared to three weeks ago when he arrived at the hospital. He spent a week in the casualty ward before being admitted due to his declining health. Mabhena said they are now appealing to the public for any information that could help locate Moyo’s family. Anyone with information about Moyo’s family can contact the hospital at (0292) 214367.

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