Acie Lumumba

Outspoken politician Acie Lumumba has left Zanu-PF. He said his reason for leaving was that the party had lost touch with the plight of the ordinary people. The NewsDay revealed today that Lumumba wrote to Harare provincial chairperson, Charles Tawengwa, advising him of his leaving the party. Says the letter in part:

I am leaving the party. I cannot continue like this being part of a system that is destroying its children, fails to care for its elders, doesn’t honour its servicemen, and, most importantly, doesn’t allow youths to grow and flourish. I am surrounded by youths whose dreams are oppressed and stolen. I have never known any other political home and I have no other love politically except the ideals Zanu PF taught me. I am aware how cold it is outside Zanu PF politically, but I am cognisant that is where the rest of my peers are. Like our President (Robert Mugabe) many years ago made the decision to start a struggle, tonight I make mine.”

The departure from Zanu-PF comes after Lumumba had vehemently denied in several Facebook posts over last month that he would leave the party. The young politician maintained that Zanu-PF was like home and his loyalty lay with President Robert Mugabe, the leader of the party.

Lumumba has not disclosed what his next move will be. There's an array of options available as there are a number of opposition parties he could join. He could also start his own party.

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