Angeline Musasiwa
Angeline Musasiwa, Miss Zimbabwe 1994, Zimbabwean model
Angeline Musasiwa
BornAngeline Musasiwa
  • Model
Known forMiss Zimbabwe 1994 contestant
AwardsMiss Zimbabwe 1994

Angeline Musasiwa is a Zimbabwean ex-model that won Miss Zimbabwe in 1994 and would go on to represent her county at Miss World.


Angeline Musasiwa is an ex-model who was born in and raised in Harare. She won Miss Zimbabwe 1994 and represented Zimbabwe at Miss World 1994 that was hosted in Sun City, South Africa.

Angeline Musasiwa would go on and finish the Third runner-up at the worldwide event. This has been the best performance of Zimbabwe in the modeling arena.

Angeline Musasiwa is married to Joseph Hunda. In 2012 she was reported to be living in Lagos, Nigeria.[1]

In June 2021, her relative Kuda Musasiwa said she was in South Africa.[2]


She studied at the University of Zimbabwe at the same time as Siphosami Malunga.[3]


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