Kuda MusasiwaKuda Musasiwa
Kuda Musasiwa.jpg
BornKudakwashe Musasiwa
OccupationHip-Hop Producer, Entrepreneur
EmployerFresh In A Box, #TLFDrive
Known forManaging [[[Fadzayi Mahere]] Political Campaign

Kuda Musasiwa (Also known as Begotten Sun) is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, musician, and music producer. [1] He is known mostly having managed Fadzayi Mahere's political campaign for Mt Pleasant Member of parliament in from 2017 to 2018. He is also known for founding tech-based businesses Fresh In A Box and Lytee.

Musasiwa was the producer for Hip-hop artists among them Junior Brown.

Musasiwa is involved in the product of Acie Lumumba's #TLFDrive Youtube show which features celebrities being interviewed by Lumumba while he drives. The show has been quite successful in building a sizeable audience in Zimbabwe.

Personal life

Musasiwa lived in the UK where he had moved to after school. In 2008 he made a decision to return. He commented on the decision:

I decided to come back to Zimbabwe in 2008 when I was working as a cleaner & Night Porter at a local 3 star hotel in Essex. I was that cleaner who the MD used to call into his office every night to assist him with his million £ Pound Excels, then send me to make him a cuppa.[2]


Kuda is married to Nomaliso Musasiwa.


Kuda did his high school at Prince Edward High School in Harare.


In 2017 following complaints by Hiphop artists in Zimbabwe that they were being sidelined by the promoters of shows, Musasiwa commented:

“These people are just crybabies, they are lazy. Zim hip-hop must prove its worth, where are the independently promoted shows of our genre that pull so many people so that the country notices?”[3]


Interview with Trevor Ncube in 2019:

Battle With Covid-19

On December 27, 2020, Kuda announced he had tested negative for Covid-19 after undergoing a PCR test.[4]

Three days after the negative result, Kuda revealed that he was still not feeling well. On December 31, 2020, he tweeted that his oxygen levels had dropped so much the previous day that he believed he was dying. He wrote:

Yesterday I was dying. My blood oxygen had got way beyond life. It dropped to about 72%. I could not breathe. This morning I’m on 92%, still very ill but now I will survive. Thank you @drjaytee87 & his team for literally coming and saving my life. Thank you for your prayers.


Hospitalisation Rumours

On January 2, 2021, there were rumours that Kuda had been hospitalised and was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of an unnamed hospital. His wife, however, dismissed the rumours saying the Kuda that a Twitter user Stella_grooves was referring to was not Kuda Musasiwa. She wrote:

Just to clarify, She has her own brother as well called Kuda. Kuda Musasiwa is still at home and fighting hard, we are hopeful for both of them to pull through. Thank you for everyone who has been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.


Pindula Market


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