Angeline Tongogara

Angeline Kumbirai Tongogara is a Zimbabwean politician and member of Zanu-PF. She is known as the wife of the late ZANLA commader Josiah Tongogara.


She was born Angeline Kumbirai Gamanya.

In January 2013, Josiah's eldest brither Michael insisted that Angeline was not married to the late ZANLA commander. Michael Tongogara also said his family believes that after 1980, Angeline married the late businessman, Cuthbert Moyo, whom they knew from the Zambian days.[1] However in an interview with The Herald in March 2013, Angeline Tongogara dismissed Michael's claim that she was not General Tongogara’s official wife as baseless. She said General Tongogara paid the bride price to her parents in Chivhu. She said a part of the bride price was paid by the Josiah Tongogara’s friend who she only identified as Mafemera while the last part was paid by Michael Mawema. Angeline Tongogara even offered to produce her marriage certificate saying General Tongogara’s brother Michael witnessed the marriage.[2]


Angeline and Josiah Tongogara had four children together; Hondo (born 1969), Tichafa, Bvumai and Nyaradzo.[1]


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