Ashbel Govore launched an online study website with primary and high school books which could be downloaded in 2021. He was 18 at the time. He was assisted by his brother Collins Jimue, a software developer. They wished to assist fellow pupils affected by the prolonged Covid-19 induced lockdown. The website is

Ashbel Govore

Personal Details

4 April 2003 - Born, Highfield, Harare.
Later moved to Zvishavane.
Even later, he moved to Vereeniging and Vaal in South Africa where he did primary school.
He can be contacted via:

  • Facebook: ashbelgovore
  • Instagram: compboy2
  • Twitter: @AshbelGovore
  • Soundcloud: Ashbel Govore
  • YouTube: YouTube Channel
  • Website:

School / Education

Primary school (Vereeniging) - he was a member of the school computer club.
2021 A Levels - Chibi High School, Masvingo Province.
He was involved in athletics.
He was a chess player.
He joined an after-school computer club called Moclam. Member for two years.

Service / Career

2020 - resumed programming. Featured on Github Youngesters.


He developed a website, April 2020 which was published June 2020.
His website creation was reported on Echo News in August 2021 [1]

And in [2]

The application was launched in April 2020 and are available on both Google and Apple App Store. [3]

It was noted that schoolbooks on the platform could be downloaded so they could be read offline. [4]

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