Blessing Kasiyamhuru

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Blessing Kasiyamhuru
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Political partyZimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity

Dr. Blessing Kasiyamhuru is a Zimbabwean politician entrepreneur academic, and presidential aspirant. He contested in the 2018 elections as a presidential candidate for his Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity Party.

Personal Details

No information was found on his age, place of birth, or family.

School / Education

Primary Education:
Secondary Education:
Tertiary Education: Masters degree in Management and development finance.
Ph.D. in Public and Development Management.
Post-doctoral political science student at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.
Years of consulting experience in governance and strategy within the region.[1] Zipp acknowledges the contributions to Zimbabwe’s political freedom of all our elders regardless of their political affiliations, colour or creed.


Pledge to the nation, 2017

Kasiyamhuru said that his party is comfortable in its belief that God raises men and women, from time to time, to fulfill certain generational mandates. He said that

our elders have done their part. Today, God has raised a group of young and God-fearing leaders to take Zimbabwe to the Canaan of economic freedom, with the sole mandate of building a great nation of Zimbabwe.


He also said that:

Prosperity and posterity is at the top of our agenda, and Zimbabweans can only be free when there is no more fear of our government, when every Zimbabwean has access to the national resources of the country regardless of their political, religious, tribal, sectorial or racial group and when foreign economic colonialists and opportunists are out of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will only engage foreign participation in our economy from a position of strength, guided by 500-year development plans in all sectors


Blessing also claimed that he has a vision of prosperity and posterity for Zimbabwe, which will be achieved through very long-term planning, entrepreneurship, innovation and acknowledging God as the ultimate blesser of nations. He promised to build a conducive investment environment for Zimbabweans first and foreign direct investors later.

Nomination Court June 2023

The nomination court on 21 June 2023 produced eleven presidential candidates for the August elections.[3] They are:

Elisabeth Valerio Duly Nominated

On 16 August 2023, ZEC chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana said: following an order of the Electoral Court sitting in Harare, issued on 19 July 2023, Ms. Elisabeth Isabel Valerio, a candidate sponsored by the United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) party, is hereby declared a duly nominated Presidential candidate. The other aspiring presidential candidates, Saviour Kasukuwere and Linda Masarira’s appeals were rejected by the courts. Her nomination papers were rejected despite providing bank-stamped proof of her request to initiate a ZWL transfer of funds to the ZEC bank account for the required nomination fees equivalent to US$20 000. The other candidates are Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zanu PF, Joseph Makamba Busha of Free Zim Congress, Nelson Chamisa of CCC, Trust Chikohora of ZCPD, Blessing Kasiyamhuru of ZIPP, Lovemore Madhuku of NCA, Wilbert Mubaiwa of NPC, Gwinyai Henry Muzorewa of UANC, Douglas Mwonzora of MDC and Wilson Harry Peter of DOP. [4]

2023 Results

Presidential Votes
Candidate (Party) Number of Votes % of votes
Joseph Makamba Busha (FreeZim Congress) 18 816 0.4%
Nelson Chamisa (CCC) 1 968 343 44.3%
Trust Chikohora (ZCPD) 10 230 0.2%
Blessing Kasiyamhuru (ZIPP) 13 060 0.3%
Lovemore Madhuku (NCA) 5 323 0.1%
Emmerson Mnangagwa (Zanu PF) 2 350 711 52.9%
Wilbert Mubaiwa (National People's Congress) (NPC) 53 517 1.2%
Gwinyai Henry Muzorewa (UANC) 7 053 0.1%
Elisabeth Valerio (UZA) 6 989 0.15%
Harry Peter Wilson (Democratic Opposition Party) (DOP) 6 743 0.15%

Total votes: 4 440 449


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