Brian Soko
Brian Soko Prof Pic 2.jpg
BornBrian Soko
  • Music Producer.
Years active2003 to present
OrganizationThe Order, Anashe Media Group
Known forGrammy Award Winner ‘Beyonce’ (Drunk in Love)
RelativesArnold Soko and Prince Soko

Brian Soko is a Zimbabwean songwriter, music composer cum producer who is based in the United States of America (USA). He won three awards at the 2014 edition of the Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) R&B/Hip-Hop Awards for composing Beyonce's song Drunk in love in 2014.


Soko was born in 1991 in Zimbabwe in the small town of Chiredzi before moving to South Africa where they stayed for a short while. He relocated to the United States with his parents where he briefly played football before deciding to study sound engineering.[1] He has two brothers named Prince Soko and Arnold Soko.[2]


Brian started off as a rapper. He used to sell his beats online.[3] He then switched on to make beats for others whilst he was still in high school. Whilst he was doing his first year at Tampa in Florida, he met Andre Protor and Rasool who were also interested in music. From then onwards, they focused on making R n B and Hip Hop beats. Soko's first break together with his friends-cum-partners was in 2012 after the release of Lil Wayne's No worries.[3]

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Soko and his team (The Order) composed and produced Beyonce's Drunk in Love in 2013. He also worked on the first compilation album of the group, Rich Gang. He also wrote and produced 100 Favors which features Kendrick Lamar, Birdman and Detail. He has also worked with South African Hip Hop artists such as Cassper Nyovest on his song, Phumakim, KO's Mission Statement and MaE amongst others. He has also worked with Tinashe.

The Order

The Order is a production company based in USA and is made up of Soko, Andre Protor, Rasool Diaz and Kae Lou who met in Trampa in Florida in 2009. The Order has produced songs for the most celebrated Hip Hop artists in USA such as Beyonce, Rich Gang, Lil Wayne and Drake amongst others.

Anashe Media Group

Soko launched a media company in 2014, Anashe Media Group a management, marketing and production company focused on the African music sector together with the help of his brothers, Arnold Soko who is a video director and Prince Soko. Anashe Media Group has so far opened up branches in Nigeria with the help of Oladipo Tandoh, Angola Congo and South Africa. The group has produced videos for Suki Yaki.[4]


  • Most Performed Song 2014 R&B/Hip-Hop Award Song for Lil Wayne’s No Worries
  • Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love
  • Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love[5]

Songs he produced

  • Phumakim by Cassper Nyovest
  • Drunk in Love by Beyonce featuring Jay Z
  • Mission Statement by KO
  • No worries by Lil Wayne
  • Sgelekeqe by DJ Vigilante
  • Tap out by Rich Gang
  • Pretend by Tinashe
  • 100 Favours featuring Kendrick Lamar, Detail and Birdman

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Brian's Videos

Brian Soko Acceptance Speech after Winning the Grammy Award in 2015

Soko's Interview whilst in South Africa


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