Captain Mfombi

Captain Mfombi is Zimbabwe's first superhero web series created by Charles Mugaviri Jr, Denise Edwards, Shaun Mundawarara and Blessing Chinanga. The series stars beatboxer cum rapper ProBeatz as the main character.


Captain Mfombi airs on Pano TV's YouTube account. Mfombi is a moniker of Harare’s high-density suburb Mufakose.



Captain Mfombi gets his superpowers after being electrocuted while trying to change a lighting bulb.

He first discovers that he has the power to instantly charge phones, switch on televisions and other electric gadgets with an instant touch even in the absence of electricity.

Together with his wife played by rapper Natasha Muzz, they devise a way out of abject poverty by starting an instant cellphone charging business. The business fails after one phone explodes during the process.

Captain Mfombi then discovers he has lightning speed, and again the duo harnesses the power to make ends meet.[1]


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