Carl Joshua Ncube

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Carl Joshua Ncube
Zimbabwe Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube.jpg
BornCarl Joshua Ncube
(1979-05-25) May 25, 1979 (age 44)
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
  • Stand up comedian
  • Animator
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Photographer
  • Creative director
  • Nurse
Known forStandup Comedy
Spouse(s)Nelsy Ncube (nee Mugadza) (m. 2012)
Parent(s)Charles Palmer Ncube (Father)
Miriam Nyemba (Mother)

Carl Joshua Ncube is a Zimbabwean stand-up comedian who has performed regionally and internationally as well as having made a name for himself in Zimbabwe. Carl mostly markets his own works through social media, thus having gained experience he sometimes teach on the topic.

In January 2019, Ncube announced that he and his wife would now be living in a tent in Victoria Falls as part of their new minimalist approach to living.


Carl and Nelsy's Wedding in 2012

Carl Joshua Tinodavanhu Ncube was born on 25 May in 1979 in Bulawayo to Charles Palmer Ncube and Miriam Nyemba.[1] He grew up with his mother in Marondera after his parents divorced. He grew up in a typical nomadic fashion as he relocated from one neighbourhood to another in Harare and Bulawayo. He has six siblings and these are Cedric David Ncube, Shallen, Sarlos, Castro Chikomborero, Takawira.[2]

Ncube got married to Nelsy Mugadza in 2012 and their colourful wedding ceremony took place on an Island called Coco Cay in the Bahamas.[3]


Carl attended primary school at Barham Green Primary School and Greenfield Primary School in Bulawayo, as well as Borrowdale Primary School in Harare, Wardlove Mission School and Mutare Junior School.[2] He is said to have skipped fifth grade after his relocation to Marondera where he was now staying with his mother.[4] Ncube did his secondary education at Prince Edward High School in Harare.

He is a qualified Gynecology nurse, a qualification he obtained from the London South Bank University (1998 to 2001). Ncube has helped deliver a total of 17 babies.[5]

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Life in the Diaspora

Carl left for the United Kingdom in December 1997.[2] During this period, Carl worked as a waiter/kitchen assistant. It is during this period that he married Nosizwe Mabuza.[2] He returned to Zimbabwe when his visa was not approved and his marriage disintegrated thereafter.[2]

Hard Times

On many occasions the comedian has told how things were really tough for him and his girlfriend before he broke into mainstream comedy. In one of his renditions, Ncube narrated that at one point he had a single pair of trousers, three T shirts, no place to stay and having to move in with friends at times. There were also times when he was forced to go on stage with a pair of jeans that had patches. Even when he moved to South Africa, things were not rosy for the Bulawayo born comedian. Carl attributed much of his success to his long time girlfriend Nelsy and Rufaro Rutherford who helped the emerging comedian stay focused and not to get deterred by challenging times.[6]

Rise to Stardom

Carl broke into the Zimbabwean comedy scene with his debut one-man show Carl Joshua Ncube’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT setting him up as arguably the best Zimbabwean Stand Up Comedian.[7]

He was however able to realise a lot of groundbreaking achievements as a result of his move to South Africa. Renowned South African comedy club, Parkers Comedy and Jive[8] gave Ncube a slot to perform at their popular club at which he rubbed shoulders with some of South Africa's comedy elites such as Kediboni Malaudzi.

The comedian has performed in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and USA.[9] Joshua was part of a 37 member list of comedians drawn from all over the African continent to perform in Johannesburg in 2011. The list included renowned comedians such as Basketmouth from Nigeria, Ndumiso Lindi and Kagiso Ladeba [10]

World Record Attempt

In August 2016, Carl went around Zimbabwe and South Africa to stage 31 shows in a week in a bid to beat the record currently held by Australian comedian — Mark Murphy who held 30 shows in 30 different venues around Australia,from 14-20 October 2007. After staging his 31st show in Victoria Falls, Ncube gathered footage of all his shows and submitted it to the Guinness Book of World Records for adjudication.

In December 2016, Ncube was said to be still waiting to learn from the international organisation if he had indeed broken the world record. [11]

Some International Performances

  • The Big Announcement Show on 12 May 2011. The Big Announcement was Carl's first show. It was a one man affair and he took the opportunity to propose to his long time lover Nelsy, in front of hundreds of unsuspecting spectators.
  • 2011 Performed at Emperor’s Palace in South Africa
  • 2011 Great Hall, Rhodes University Grahamstown, South Africa
  • 2011 Metro F.M presents STAND UP AFRICA,Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 2011 Filmed in African Voices Segment in South Africa
  • 2012 Nite of a thousand Laughs Kampala, Uganda
  • 2012 Nite of a Thousand Laughs Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 2012 Nite of a Thousand Laughs Abuja, Nigeria.
  • 2012 Crowne Comedy Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 2012 TSG Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 2013 KICC, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2014 African Comedy Festival Adelaide, Australia
  • 2014 African Comedy Festival Brisbane, Australia.[12]

As a Film Producer

NYAMINYAMI by Carl Joshua Ncube

Ncube has produced an animation titled Nyaminyami which was played at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Anti-Piracy Campaign

In 2010 Ncube would stage a one-man demonstration against piracy by staying 7 days in the streets. The most striking and intriguing aspect of Ncube's campaign is the fact that he is not a musician himself, but he argued that he was sympathetic to the plight of the local musicians some of whom were his friends.[6]

Carl Can Cook

Ncube is also known for his love of food and wanting to share his experiences with other people through his visual channel Carl Can Cook. Giving out tips and recipes Ncube has also released a book that shows the same.

Calamari Salad PART 1/3
Calamari Salad PART 2/3
Calamari Salad PART 3/3
EPISODE 3 - Hake on Broad bean Broth
Carl Can Cook BRAAI MASTER episode
Carl Can Cook Nelsy Birthday EPISODE segment 1
Carl Can Cook Nelsy Birthday EPISODE segment 2
Carl Can Cook Nelsy Birthday EPISODE segment 3
Carl Can Cook Overstuffed Trout EPISODE
carl can cook the House warming EPISODE


Basing on the number of local and international performances, Ncube is the most successful stand-up comedian in Zimbabwe. One of his major successes being that he performed at Parkers Comedy Club in South Africa, the first Zimbabwean to do that. Ncube has also performed at the Night of A Thousand Laughs comedy function in West Africa alongside other comedians such as Baskemouth of Nigeria as well as at Gotham Comedy Club in New York. In September 2014, Ncube performed a number of shows in Australia at the African Comedy Festival together with Nigerian counterpart Basketmouth.[13]

Personal life


Ncube attempted to commit suicide in 2001 whilst still in England after failing to secure a study permit to complete his studies.

Taking paracetamol tablets (a not-so-harmful drug) was his first attempt, while his second attempt wasn't any better.

He took a new perspective on the challenges he was facing. Ncube laments that the attempted suicide had far-reaching effects on his health as he suffered serious liver damage.

Ncube admits that since his failed suicide mission, he has adopted a positive attitude in life and began to make positive progress.[14]

Incident with Edgar Langeveldt

Ncube made headlines in 2014 when he claimed that a fellow comedian Edgar Langeveldt allegedly “sexually assaulted” his wife Nelsy at the Book Café in Harare.

Ncube expressed his anger through his Facebook profile, launching a verbal attack on Langeveldt.

Ncube claims that this was not the first incident and Langeveldt had done this before.[2][15]


Ncube claims[16] he designed the following:

  • NAMA trophy
  • The Rings on the ZBC logo
  • Sakunda Brand Architecture
  • LIVE motion graphics at AWARD CEREMONIES
  • ZimSun Adverts and branding 2004-2008 before the transition to African Sun
  • Inaugural Zimbabwe Music Awards Graphics
  • Nyaminyami
  • The first H-Metro website


It was reported that the comedian was invloved in a social media row with Zimbabawes flamboyant Wicknell Chivayo.The latter was reported to have shown interests in the comedians replies to his attack.Chivayo had this to say

“I will not stoop so low and respond to such petty issues from people like Carl Joshua. We are people from completely different worlds.

“I understand his vindictiveness because it goes without saying that a hungry man is an angry man and poverty often makes one bitter,” he said.I really don’t know this Carl guy but I’m just a bit surprised. What really does he know about legally binding documents.

“It’s obvious he doesn’t like me because he’s a poor comedian and I’m a rich comedian.

“He charges Two dollars a head for his shows and if I was to have a show my fans would get hundred dollars each on entry.

“I have always had a lot of respect for that small boy and even everywhere I go I would speak highly of him and say we have our own Trevor Noah or Mr Bean in Zim,” he wrote.[17]

In response Carl J Ncube launched what he dubbed 'Chivayos Roast' and asked his fans to propose the comedians they would want on the show.Suggested names include Cde Fatso, Sabhuku vharazipi , Nomathemba Ndebele . Michael K, Clive Chigubhu, DJ Nikki from Star FM, The Comic Pastor and Q the boss.He is reported to have said he want to use the money to build a comdey dome in the resort town of Victoria Falls. A comedy roast is an event in which a specific individual, a guest of honour, is subjected to good-natured jokes at their expense intended to amuse the event’s wider audience.[17]


  • NAMA Award For Outstanding Comedian (2013)
  • Nominated for the for South African Comic Choice Award.[18]


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