Edgar Langeveldt
Edgar Langeveldt, Zimbabwean Comedian
Edgar Langeveldt
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
  • Comedian
  • Actor
Known forStand Up Comedy, Acting
ChildrenTimmins Langeveldt

Edgar Langeveldt is a Zimbabwean stand up comedian, director and actor based in Harare. He rose to fame through his comedy performances as well as acting on the local entertainment scene.


Langeveldt was born in 1969.[1] He has a a son named Timmins Langeveldt.[2]

Educational Background

Langeveldt attended St George's College in Harare for his secondary education. He also attended the University of Zimbabwe where he obtained a law degree.[3] He also attained a Diploma in Marketing from the London Chamber of Commerce International in 1995.[3]


In 2005, Edgar was awarded 25 000 euros by Prince Claus Fund for his outstanding performances.[1] Langeveldt worked as the director of the Zimbabwe Comedy Festival which was organised by Nexus Talent Agency and Showtime Promotions from 2010 to 2013.[3] He is also the current director of Nexus Talent Agency which was founded in 1995. His main areas of speciality include multi-media productions and Artistic Management. He is also the director of Showtime Promotions, a company founded in 1992.[3] He also acted in Studio 263 which became one of the popular television dramas from 2002.


In 2014, Langeveldt was accused by a fellow comedian Carl Joshua Ncube for abusing his wife. The fight took to the social media in which the latter expressed his utter disappointment over Langeveldt's unruly behaviour. Furthermore, the local media has also criticised Langeveldt fo poor management which has seen him fade from the comedy limelight in Zimbabwe as he is being overtaken by young stand-up comedians who are coming into the scene.

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