The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe
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Headquarters20 Mount Pleasant Drive, Mount Pleasant
Elizabeth Nembaware
RemarksTelephone: +263 (242)334517

Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe was founded as a private sector voluntary organization in 1939 through an Act of Parliament, it is one of the oldest Business Membership Organizations in the country


The Chamber is established for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, protecting and fostering the mining industry and doing everything necessary and advisable for those objects, and for this purpose.


To be a proactive, high profile, lobby group that drives the growth of the mining industry and the economy.


To effectively and efficiently serve, and advance interests of the mining industry in Zimbabwe, through promotion of development and growth strategies consistent with high international standards of health safety and environmental consciousness, arid to positively influence the local business environment in order to attain the objectives of the mining industry.[1]


In carrying out its mandate the Chamber of Mines is guided by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • High ethical standards
  • Responsive


  • President (Head Corporate Affairs - Mimosa Mining Company) - Elizabeth Nerwande
  • Vice President (Managing Director - How Mine) - D G Gwatinetsa
  • Vice President (Chief Finance Officer - UNKI Mine) - Colin Chibafa
  • Chief Executive Officer (Ex-officio) - Chamber of Mines - Isaac Kwesu
  • Immediate Past President (Managing Director - BNC Limited) - Batirai Manhando

Activities of the Chamber

The activities of ‘the Chamber’ are concentrated in the fields of mining and economic policy advocacy, investment promotion, labour and industrial relations management, research on legal matters related to mining and promoting health and safety, environmental protection, and the support to mining associations activities. Most of these activities are executed through committees that include Economic Development Committee, SHE Committee, Labour Committee, Gold Producers Committee, Platinum Producers Committee and the Suppliers and Mining Linkages Committee among others.

Governance The Council is the supreme authority of the Chamber whose functions are delegated through Executive Committee headed by the President, while the activities of the Chamber are implemented through the Secretariat headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Value of Joining ‘The Chamber’ The Chamber creates platform for opportunity for members to network and discuss pertinent issues that affect the mining industry. These networking platforms include:

Policy Dialogue engagement forums - ‘The Chamber’ policy dialogue provides members with the platform to engage and discuss policy matters related to mining and the economy. Through the various forums such as committees,workshops, seminars, visits, and surveys, members have the opportunity to exchange ideas and help to formulate positions papers.

The Chamber of Mines Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference - This is an annual event that is provided by the Chamber’s Constitution. Apart from deliberating normal AGM matters, the platform also provides industry leaders, government ministers and officials, and other local and international institutions opportunity to interact and discuss key issues relevant for driving the development of the mining industry.

Suppliers and Mining Linkage workshops and conferences – This platform brings mining companies, suppliers and other linkages or related industries to discuss issues of mutual interest in the whole mining value chain.

Publications and Information dissemination -­ ‘The Chamber’ disseminates critical information regarding the developments and outlook of the industry to members regularly through publications that include, the Chamber of Mines Journal. An interactive Chamber website provides quick insights on latest developments in the industry, as well as the opportunity for members to interact and promote (advertise) their products and services.

District Mining Association Meetings - These meetings bring together stakeholders (at local levels that include suppliers, producers, and government officials) to discuss pertinent issues for the development of the mining sector in different mining regions.


Class A – Big Companies

  • Bilboes Holdings
  • Bindura Nickel Corp Premier B
  • Blackbox Investment
  • Duration gold
  • Freda Rebecca Mine
  • Great Dyke Investments
  • Hwange Colliery
  • Metallon gold
  • Mimosa Mining Company
  • Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ)
  • Murowa Diamonds
  • New Dawn Mining
  • Rio ZIm
  • Unki Mines
  • Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC)
  • Zimasco
  • Zimplats
  • Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC)

Class B – Middle Size To Large Company

  • Pan African Mining
  • Thathile ex Newdawn

Class D – Mining Companies At Development Stage(Still Small)

  • Adlecraft
  • AEL Mining
  • Africa steel
  • Artisan trading
  • Best southern Drilling
  • Blanket mine
  • Canterbury Mine
  • Drilling resources
  • Golden reef mining
  • Rundale investments
  • Samrec vermiculite
  • Sandvik mining
  • Sinnofeerous
  • Tandamanzi
  • Venice Mine

Class G – Individually Owned Mines/ Not Companies

  • G.Chandiwana
  • Newtron Mining

Class E – Supplier Companies

  • Acol Chemicals
  • Afri-groan
  • Ames
  • AS Kemp Minepro
  • Asset reliability services
  • Astra Chemicals
  • Atlas copco
  • Axis Solutions
  • BancABC
  • Barzem enterprises
  • Blonton Management
  • Boltgas Engineering
  • Brakesure Lining
  • BSI steel
  • Burnglow investments
  • Canister Resources
  • Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ)
  • Cell Insurance
  • Central african development
  • Colovane
  • CPS Africa
  • Craster International
  • Crocomotors
  • Curechem
  • Davis Granite
  • DDNS
  • Deloitee and touche
  • DRA Zimbabwe
  • Ecobank
  • Epiroc Atlas Copco
  • Ernst & Young
  • FA Stewart
  • Fairclot
  • First Mutual
  • Flych Development
  • Garage equipment
  • GroupAir
  • Haggie rand
  • Hardrock Mining Tools
  • Helcraw Engineering
  • Hepsons Engineering
  • Honsite enterprises
  • Ichtus cranes
  • Industrial procuments
  • Intrachem
  • J Mann and Company
  • Jacob Bethel Corporation
  • JK Motors
  • John Mack
  • Jonkershoek trading
  • K B. Davis
  • Kanu Equipment
  • KB Davies
  • Kedimec
  • Knight frank
  • KPMG
  • KW Blasting
  • Manica Zim
  • Marjen
  • Masimba Holdings
  • MBCA Bank (Now Nedbank)
  • MCA Venture
  • Medent
  • Millpal t/a Kemico Agency
  • Minerva Risk Advisors
  • Morganite Zimbabwe
  • Mota Engil
  • Nedbank
  • Nicnel
  • Nicoz Diamond
  • Nimr and Chapman
  • NMB
  • OMM industries
  • Omnia fertiliser
  • Orac systems
  • Original Technology
  • Paul markham
  • Pelgin Consultancy
  • Powerspeed Electrical
  • PPC -Portland Holdings
  • PR Hydraulics
  • Proclassic trading
  • R and S
  • R davis and company
  • Retvic
  • Scandia Steel
  • Scanlen and Holderness
  • Schaueneburg Systems
  • Sedan Chair
  • Shepco
  • Shepco Industrial Supplies
  • SMM Holdings
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Stoneark t/a imex tyres
  • Tazchem
  • Tiger brake and clutch
  • Tineo
  • Ukama-Gorrenberry
  • W.Kinsey
  • Whaleside Shaft sinkers
  • Wimfair
  • Wintertons
  • Yatakala trading
  • Zimbabwe Bata Shoe company
  • Zimnat
  • Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF)


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