Cody Rank Marshall

Cody Rank Marshall (real name Cody Tinker) is a Zimbabwean comedian known for his YouTube and social media skits.


Cody Rank Marshall lives in Christiansburg, Mazowe with his mother, father and two siblings. He said he learnt Shona from their maid.[1]

Real Name

Cody Tinker


Cody has a brother and sister. [1]

Social Media & Contacts

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Peterhouse High School.[2]

In 2018, Cody Rank Marshall was a stage assistant in a Peterhouse School play by Ray Cooney titled ‘It Runs in the Family.[3]

Comedy Career

In an interview, Cody said never wanted to do comedy although he was always the class clown. He said he started doing comedy through his first video. In the video which is now on YouTube under the title Life as a Rank Marshall, Cody was hanging on the back of a Kombi. The video went viral and people said they wanted more and Cody started producing more videos to satisfy the demand.[1]


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