Corbet and Company

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Corbet and Company

Corbet and Company is a plastic manufacturing and specialist moulding company. Also manufacturers of plastic sheeting. They also recycle for their own consumption, and do not have excess material for re-sale. They work in HDPE and LDPE.

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Contact Details

Address: 185 Munhondo St, Ruwa.
Phone: Jason Corbet - 0242 132287, 0772 233127.


HDPE (Blow and injection grade), LDPE, PPN (Injection grade).

2020 - ±4 tons. 2022 - 480 tons converted

They do not have the capacity to go fully into recycling. The only way to meet the Presidents vision would be with buy in from government, in the form of grants, tax incentives, and government subsidies. In the first world, large recycling plants are not really profitable without the above. This is due to the cost of separating waste, cleaning and processing against the return and value of recycled material. These plants are often also coupled to produce energy to subsidize inflows of revenue.

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