Background information
Birth nameDaniel Mazhindu
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist
Years active1999 - present

Decibel is a popular reggae dancehall artiste who popularized Urban Grooves music in Zimbabwe. Crowned King of Zimbabwe Urban Grooves at one point, his music became so popular that his first single 'Nakai' went to number one in the first two weeks of its release.


He was born in the Midlands mining town of Shurugwi but grew up in Masvingo. He is married to Charity and the couple has two children. Their firstborn Kylie Ashanti.[1] was born in 2009. In 2013, former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) producer Agnes Gudza attacked Decibel saying he had abandoned her and neglected their two children ever since he relocated to the United Kingdom but he refuted the claims as a lie.[2]

Aciident & Death Of Son

In April 2022, Decibel revealed that his twin children were involved in a car accident that claimed the life of one son while the other was in a coma in hospital.


Decibel graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 2002 with a degree in biochemistry. He also did sound engineering which he finished in 2011.[3]

Music career

His musical career started at high school where he did a few performances on variety shows, and won a few prizes. His first serious attempt was when he was at university in 2000 where he sang as a session musician/ backing vocalist for a Bulawayo reggae band called Motsi Uruka. After graduating in 2002, Decibel did not need much convincing that he should take up music seriously. He was instantly signed up by Galaxy records – a then recording powerhouse which was run by legendary Delani Makhalima. At this studio, Decibel recorded his debut - 'Nakai'. The song rocked the charts and got to Number 1 within two weeks of release. He then released another single 'Chido', which did so well that it even surpassed Nakai after some time. These songs were Number 2 and Number 5 on the year's top 100. The video for Chido also stayed on Number 1 on the charts for more than six weeks.[4] To date the video for 'Chido' has more than 106,008 views on youtube. and his 2006 UK release, Ndikati Hello with Bkay and Kazz.

Major Successes

The dreadlocked artiste released his first album 'What Kind of World' in 2004. Produced at Country Boy Records, the album went on to be the bestselling at Country Boy Records. The album carried the hits 'What kind of World' and the controversial 'Madhara' whose video also topped the charts for more than eight weeks. The colourful video to the song has more than 114,018 views on youtube.


In 2007, the song 'Madhara' was banned from all ZBC channels together with music by Maskiri, Stunner and Extra Large because of its lyrical content which were deemed abusive.[5]


He still has one album but has released some singles like 'Mukuru ndiani' in 2013.


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