Denford Mutashu

Denford Mutashu is the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) founding president.



Mutashu has three children from his previous marriage with Nomusa Memory Ruvazhe.[1]


Mutashu divorced his wife Nomusa Memory Ruvazhe after High Court judge Justice Alpheus Chitakunye nullified the couple’s marriage 12 months after the couple went on separation due to irreconcilable differences.

On April 30 2019, Mutashu petitioned the High Court seeking a court order to nullify his five-year marriage with his estranged wife, saying he had since lost love and affection towards her. His former wife did not oppose the termination of the couple’s marriage but rather consented to the move.

Mutashu was awarded custody of the couple's three children, while his wife was granted access to the minors during the first two weeks of school holidays and on alternate weekends. Regarding property, the High Court ruled that each party should retain movable property currently in his or her possession as his or her sole property.[1]


Mutashu worked at Food World for 17 years 7 months. He started off from the parcels counter, cleaner, shelf packer, receiving assistant, till operator, butchery block man, bakery table hand, costing clerk, supervisor, buyer, Assistant Manager, Human Resources Manager, Chief Security Officer, Branch Manager to General Manager. During this time he became the voice of the retail sector in the local media that is Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZTV), radio stations and print media. He articulated the retail issues as well as providing updates on pricing and products availability.

Mutashu founded CZR in 2009, registered it as a deed of trust in November 2013. The trustees include Gift Juao, Mellissa Masasa and Daniel Mutashu.

He is also a FIFA player’s manager representing high profile soccer players in Zimbabwe and has facilitated contracts for his clients. Mutashu founded SC11 Soccer Academy with Irish Coach Sean Conner, for whom he was country manager when he managed CAPS United in 2012.[2]


Mutashu runs three small retail shops that sell groceries and hairpieces based in Harare. I have two takeaways and a saloon.[2]

Walter Magaya Lawsuit

In 2014, Mutashu made headlines when he sued Walter Magaya for $500 000 accusing him of having an illicit sexual relationship with his wife.

Mutashu alleged that Magaya bought his wife the latest version of a Toyota Mark II, which cost $10,000. Mutashu filed a $500,000 adultery claim against Prophet Magaya at the High Court in August 2014. In his application, he revealed how the two allegedly communicated and the type of love text messages they sent to each other.

Mutashu was demanding $250,000 for loss of affection and another $250,000 for loss of consortium.

In his application, Mutashu alleged that sometime in June 2014, Magaya had an adulterous affair with Nomsa who had gone to PHD Ministries church in Waterfalls to worship.

While at the church, Prophet Magaya allegedly ordered Mutashu’s wife to stay at one of the church’s lodges for three consecutive days without Mutashu’s knowledge and consent.

After spirited efforts to locate his wife, Mutashu found her with Prophet Magaya who allegedly claimed that he had been spiritually assisting her.

According to the court application, Mutashu confronted Magaya who reportedly admitted to having a romantic relationship with his wife.

Magaya allegedly promised to terminate the affair but continued exchanging text messages with Nomsa through his close associates.

According to the court application, Mutashu made claims that in July 2014 when Magaya went to South Africa, he kept on exchanging love text messages and phoning Nomsa using South African mobile numbers. At times, Magaya would allegedly call her during odd hours.

When Magaya was allegedly confronted over the allegations he did not deny them but discussed the issues with Mutashu in one of the meetings in an attempt to resolve the matter.

The alleged affair between Magaya and Nomsa disturbed Mutashu to the extent that he was bedridden due to excessive stress.

Mutashu’s lawyers claimed their client had received death threats from people suspected to be linked to PHD Ministries. Mutashu also made a report at Criminal Investigation Department Law and Order section in Harare before going into hiding. Earlier on, Mutashu had also made initial reports of death threats and bigamy against Prophet Magaya under case number IR 081452.

Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested on allegations of masterminding Mutashu's lawsuit. Rushwaya was arrested following a report made by Magaya at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station. Sources claimed Rushwaya was influencing Magaya to pay Mutashu, claiming that failure to do so would soil Magaya’s image.

However, in her affidavit, Ruvazhe claimed that the whole lawsuit was a ploy by her husband to extort the controversial preacher.

Throughout the whole time, Magaya insisted that he was innocent of the charges. Mutashu withdrew the case after Magaya’s lawyer, Advocate Thabani Mpofu, had filed an exception to the suit saying there was no evidence to prove the adultery allegations.

Mutashu denied apologising to Magaya after withdrawing the case from the High Court. When asked whether there was an out of court settlement, Mutashu could neither deny nor confirm.

He however said he withdrew the case for personal reasons and after God’s intervention following his visit to TB Joshua in Nigeria. However, sources close to Mutashu and the legal firm that represents him insisted there was indeed an out of court settlement.

On the other hand, Magaya’s lawyer Everson Chatambudza insisted there was never an “out of court settlement”.[3][4][5][6]


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