Didymus Mutasa Event Timeline

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Didymus Noel Mutasa
Jan 2015 : ZANU PF supporters conduct a demonstration calling for Didymus Mutasa's expulsion over his press statement in the private media in which he spoke heavily against the ZANU PF 6th National People's Conference and called it illegitimate.
Jan 2015 : Manicaland province writes to the politiburo calling for the expulsion of Didymus Mutasa for alleged acts which were not consistent with the party's revolutionary ideals
Jan 2015 : Issues a press statement denouncing the attacks on Joice Mujuru and arguing the illegality of "votes of no confidences" and the disregard of party procedures during the 6th National congress which he described as a non event
Dec 2014 : Seeks assistance from Jacob Zuma to challenge his ouster from Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Dec 2014 : Is fired from the party (ZANU PF)
Nov 2014 : Mutasa is expelled from ZANU PF and is denounced for fanning factionalism
Nov 2014 : Accused to belong to a faction allegedly led by former vice president Joice Mujuru
2008 : Minister of state for presidential affairs
2007 : Mutasa is part of a delegation that is duped into believing that diesel could come out of a rock by a Chinhoi based fraudster, Rotina Mavhunga.
2005 - 2008 : Minister of State for National Security, Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement in the President's Office

2004 : Alleged to have kicked Roy Bennet while he lay on the floor after the latter's confrontation with Patrick Chinamasa

2000 - 2004 : Makoni North Member of Parliament
2003 : Minister responsible for anti corruption

2002 : Made a statement that shocked many by claiming that he would not care if 6 million people died because of food shortages, as the country would be better off with ZANU PF members only
1980 : First speaker of parliament in independent Zimbabwe
1977 : deputy secretary for Finance, Central Committee
1975 : District Chairman ZANU (UK)
1970 - 1972 : Sentenced to prison
1963 : Joins ZANU at its formation
1960 : Co-founder Cold Comfort Society
1957 : Joins ANC
1956 : Established Nayafara Developement Company
1950 - 1956 : Attends Goromonzi High School
July 27, 1935 : Mutasa is born

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