Duncan Clarke
Duncan Clarke
  • Author, Entrepreneur.

Duncan Clarke is a Zimbabwean born author and President of the African Petroleum Institute


Clarke was born in Zimbabwe where attended Saint George's College in the then Salisbury now Harare. He spent a part of his life in Zimbabwe where four generations of his family members are also buried.[1] He attend Rhodes University for his tertiary education where he studied economics and graduated in 1969 before graduating with a PhD in at the University of Saint Andrews in 1975.[2]


After finishing his studies, he came back to Rhodesia now Zimbabwe where he got a job at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland now known as the University of Zimbabwe. He quite the job around 1975 before moving to Europe.[1] He took up a job with Petroconsultants where he was responsible for the creation of analytic tools for the company's oil industry clients. After he had moved to Sydney, he decided to set up his own firm called Global Pacific & Partners, the company has grown immensely over the years which has seen them being hired to offer consultancy services for many state oil firms, as well as other private entities. To date, the company now offers other services besides consultancy and has been organising conferences for people in the oil industry gathering delegates numbering 1600 which is a huge milestone compared to the 300 who attended the first ever conference in South Africa[3]

Books written

  • Crude continent: The struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize
  • Three Decades in the Long Grass: The Story of Global Pacific & Partners
  • Africa’s Future: Darkness to Destiny
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