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Elizabeth Macheka

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Elizabeth Macheka
Elizabeth Macheka
Elizabeth macheka.jpg
Nationality Zimbabwe
Known for Morgan Tsvangirais wife
Political party MDC-T
Spouse(s) The late Morgan Tsvangirai

Elizabeth Macheka is a Zimbabwean politician, businesswoman, and wife to the late MDC-T Leader Morgan Tsvangirai. She is the daughter of Zanu-PF member and former Chitungwiza Mayor Joseph Macheka.


Elizabeth Macheka was married to the MDC leader in September 2012. Prior to this marriage, she had been married to an Airforce of Zimbabwe officer, Mabasa Guma who died in a car accident along the Harare-Bulawayo road in 2004. [1] Elizabeth has two children Rumbidzaishe Sharon Guma and Tashinga Ngirazi from former marriages [2]

Zimbabwe tsvangirai wedding

Marriage to Morgan Tsvangirai

Karimatsenga lawsuit

Elizabeth Macheka was married to the MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai in September 2012. However, less than 48-hours before the wedding to Macheka, a South African woman, Nosipho Regina Shilubane, emerged to claim that she was engaged to Tsvangirai. Her court bid was not considered as the courts deemed it without merit. [3]

Tsvangirai had married Locadia Karimatsenga in a tra­ditional ceremony after allegedly impreg­nating her although she later had a miscar­riage. Karimatsenga was however dumped after 12 days of being customarily married to Tsvangirai. Karimatsenga approached the courts and contested Tsvangirai's marriage to Macheka which caused the cancellation of the marriage license less than 24-hours before the wedding, causing a legal battle between Karimatsenga and the Tsvangirai's.

Harare provincial magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi on August 27, 2012, issued a marriage license to Tsvangirai and Macheka. However, the same magistrate revoked the license after Locardia Karimatsenga convinced him that she was already in a customary marriage with Tsvangirai. Karimatsenga claimed $15 000 for maintenance. Eventually, Elizabeth Macheka and Tsvangirai won the case and got married. [4]

The Separation

In November 2013, Elizabeth and Tsvangirai were reported to have separated after alleged religion differences. It was reported that Macheka left their matrimonial home in Highlands and stayed alone in Borrowdale. It was reported that Macheka further approached the army, police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), seeking protection from alleged MDC members who felt that she had deserted their leader. [5] However in January 2014 it was reported that the couple had reconciled and living together. Apparently, the separation had caused a rift in the MDC political party. [6]

Alleged Government Involvement

In September 2017 Luke Tamborinyoka, alleged that the government was attempting to destabilize Tsvangirai’s marriage in order to distract him from bidding for the 2018 presidential elections. Part of the alleged efforts included portraying Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth Macheka as a cheat who was involved in an adulterous relationship with one of her ex-husbands Kennedy Ngirazi. It was alleged that Elizabeth traveled with Ngirazi to Australia for the graduation ceremony of her daughter Rumbidzai. [7]

Alleged Passport Confistication

Macheka was reported to have confiscated and withheld the former Prime Minister’s passport in a bid to force him to resign and step down in January 2018. As a result, Tsvangirai had to delay his trip to South Africa for medical treatment. Macheka is reported to have pushed for Tsvangirai to step down because she had received assurances from the military that Tsvangirai would be given his pension and other benefits for serving as Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity (GNU) between 2009 and 2013 if he handed power to Nelson Chamisa. Tsvangirai had to surrender his old passport to President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the courtesy visit after he was promised a diplomatic passport, which was later delivered to Macheka. Tsvangirai’s wife only released his passport after intervention from Tsvangirai’s allies.Tsvangirai's Wife Alleged To Have Confiscated His Passport To Try To Force Him To Step Down

Alleged ban to visit husband

The succession battles in the political party, MDC-T were reported to have intensified and Elizabeth Macheka was caught in between them. It was reported that Macheka was banned from visiting her husband the late Morgan Tsvangirai in the hospital as she was influencing him. The party’s three vice presidents, Nelson Chamisa, Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe all expressed interest in succeeding Tsvangirai. However, Macheka who was reported to have good relations with Chamisa was said to be to working to guarantee that he takes over as party leader. Tsvangirai’s Wife Barred from Visiting, Accused Of Undue Influence In Succession When she was asked for a comment she said

I will only talk when all this is over when my husband is out of the hospital…Whatever is happening, I have no comment

Death of Tsvangirai

Macheka's husband Morgan Tsvangirai passed on the 14th of February 2018 after a long illness. He had been diagnosed of colon cancer and was receiving treatment at Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Elizabeth Macheka Video

Mai Tsvangirai speaks in support of her husband's presidency in the run-up to the 2013 General Election


Mazowe Farm

Elizabeth Macheka has a farm in Mazoe where she has a poultry project. [1]


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