Felix Fandyroy Moyo who is also a playwright. While he is no longer in the acting limelight, the talented actor has not quit the art. Moyo, who is popularly known as “Silandulo” after his role in the drama, Kukhulwa Kokupela, is still very much involved in the arts industry in many ways.[1] He was part of the Zimpapers board that had its tenure expiring in 2019.[2]


He now spends much of his time at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) where he is director of information and public relations. Moyo still makes arts a part of his spare-time schedule. His involvement in the arts industry dates back to the 1960s when he was at Loreto Primary School in the Midlands Province.


In the early 90s, Moyo enrolled for a degree with the University of South Africa, majoring in Communication and Industrial Psychology. After joining Nust, Moyo also did a Master of Science degree in Marketing and was studying towards a doctorate in Communication with an international university.


Moyo is now the director of information and public relations at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust), but he has not stopped his love for the arts. “I still write a lot of Ndebele poetry which I will soon compile for publication,” said Moyo.

“I also write storylines for some people outside the country. They use them for radio plays. There is a group of black Canadians who collect my storylines because they say that African stories are original and tasty.”

He also assists Ndebele authors who want to have their novels and other books published under his company, Usiba Publishers. Moyo said the company that is managed by one of his sons, Nqabutho, specialises in publishing Ndebele literature. “I know that publishing in English may be profitable and may make one famous but I am a strong believer in the adage that charity begins at home,” said Moyo whose anthology of poems, Imbabazane has been used as an “A” Level set book.

Moyo said he became popular in 1976 when he started performing his productions for the public. “All along I had been doing theatre at institutional level but in 1976 when I was a teacher at Msitheli Secondary School in Bulawayo, I decided to go public with my works. We took a play I had penned entitled Umbaxambili to Mpopoma Hall.

“It became so popular when he performed it on Sundays such that people would mob the hall while others peeped through windows, even attracting the attention of the authorities who thought he was organising political gatherings. “The play received rave reviews from the media that was controlled by the white establishment at the time.”

During the same year, he formed the Mthwakazi Actors’ and Writers’ Association (MAWA) with the late novelist and playwright Mthandazo Ndema Ngwenya. “Ngwenya is the one who wrote the television drama Kukhulwa Kokuphela. Others such as myself, historian Pathisa Nyathi and the late Robert ‘Donga’ Mele would make contributions because it was a series. When Ngwenya died, I took over as the script writer.” Moyo also wrote the radio play Zaphela Izindaba – Izindaba Zaphela which ran on Radio 2 (now Radio Zimbabwe).


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