Glen View is a not so small town in Harare with a lot of activity in the Zimbabwean Hip Hop culture. Mainstream, Underground, Secular and Gospel.

It is only a regional subgenre of Zimbabwean Hip Hop by Artists originating from the Glen View area. It is not a standardised or uniform sound. Only one common homeground. Occasionally referred to by its artists and followers as Glen View Hip Hop, at functions thrown in and around Glen View as a form of representing where they are from. South of Samora.


Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Spoken Word, Conscious Lyricism, African, Underground, Freestyle Rap

A mostly serious music, with a ghetto themed subject matter. This movement has provided Glen View listeners with something they can relate to a as well as celebrate, and a sense of belonging.

Rappers choose to rap in English or Shona, depending on their intended audience or result. Hip Hop has always emphasized messages of verbal skill, life lessons, unity, social issues, or activism. A vehicle to expose a lot of critical issues.

Zamira by Mcy Ghost (Featuring Briss Mbada & Stilo Magolide) - "[1] "

Pese pane Bag by Trap-C - "[2]"

Harare by Nib Crouch - "[3]"

Jecha Mumusoro by N.T.M Tha Hommie - "[4]"

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In the last years, Glen View has witnessed a number of memorable milestones with an impressive roster of Hip-Hop shows that include:

  1. Tora Guta - Take Over the City

An initiative by Christian Gospel artists

  1. Peace in the Hood - Youth Concerts for free expression and Social Justice in the Community.

A series of Concert by Zimbabwe's leading Cultural Activists Network, Magamba. Magamba also known for its Spoken Word and Hip Hop Festival, Shoko Festival.

  1. Freedom Junction -

Organised within Glen View to promote its local arts. It runs every Saturday

It is from these platforms a lot of Glen View's talent is found.



Who is from Glen View

This is a list of notable people who are natives of Glen View or have been resident there.

Glen View's Disc Jockey's

  1. Guud Enuff

Glen View's Record Producers

  1. 3nican Entertainment
  2. Huniland
  3. Gees Records
  4. Lil Moniez Entertainment

Glen View's Rap Artists

Glen View has produced many artists of various styles.

Below is a list of Zimbabwean Hip Hop musicians from Glen View. This is an incomplete list that may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

  1. Mcy Ghost - McDon Vladmire Woodburn
  2. Kics Blessing Kazembe
  3. Simba Java Simbarashe Java
  4. Dub GM mChina Maxwell Mutazu
  5. G.I.L God Is Love Zadzisai Chikwanyanga
  6. Nib Crouch Richard Mabgwe
  7. Trap-C Tinotenda Allen Chitapa
  8. Slick Kudzai Ashley Musungo
  9. N.T.M Tha Hommie Nigel Tapiwa Munhedzva
  10. Nargee Musharukwa Nyasha Gwari
  11. Young Trap Ngonidzashe Emmanuel Musungo
  12. Kazmik Chamakanda Martin Gosha (formerly known as "'Metsogee"')
  13. Nu-Sense Munyaradzi Hamandishe
  14. Whistle
  15. CMN Prince Charles Ndere
  16. K.Mac Nomathamsanqa Phiri
  17. Glen Mazani
  18. DopeBoy Jnr Philip Tinashe Banda
  19. P.Gee Gavin Panashe Gwari
  20. Dwayne Simbarashe Tapfuma
  21. Terry Terrence Murombedzi
  22. Traffik Llyod Batsirai Kaluza
  23. Thazah Man Gumi mu Bag Alton Moses Hakata
  24. Trinity Trinity Musarurwa
  25. Two Sik Craig Mukwedeya
  26. Skryptt Da Farmer Gerald Achinesu Mandisodza
  27. MC Ef-em Fungai Mlambo
  28. Minana Wellington Masawi

Glen View's Rap Crews

Below is a list of Zimbabwean Hip Hop Groups from Glen View. This is an incomplete list that may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

  1. G Kaust

members: Metsogee (now known as Kazmik), Nargee & Pgee.

  1. New Generation


  1. Tora Guta


  1. Tru Mcz

members: Minana, CMN Prince, Glen Mazani, Terry & Trinity.

  1. Dambarefu

members: N.T.M & Thazah.

  1. Y.P.L

Abbreviation: Young Playaz League members: Pepper, Young Poud & Simba Java

  1. Underground 52

members: Metsogee (now known as Kazmik), Nargee, Pgee, "'Gil Slick"' (now known as G.I.L), Nib Crouch, Rinxy, G Phat (now known as MC Ef-em) & Lil Toxic.

  1. 3View

members: Nargee & Pgee.

  1. Young African Kings

members: Trap-C, Jay Ash from Chitungwiza & TuPoetik from Mutare.

  1. Jostlers 52

members: Gil Slick (now known as G.I.L, Nib Crouch, MC Ef-em & Lil Toxic.

  1. G.A.N.A.T.A.C.A

Abbreviation: Gosha Anogona N.T.M Anogona Thazah Anogona Culture Benz Anogona members: Metsogee (now known as Kazmik), N.T.M, Thazah & Culture Benz.