Guruve (formerly Sipolilo) is a town in Mashonaland Central Province. It is ±150km north of Harare.


Sipolilo was named after a local chief, Chipolilo. It is on the Dande River, and is the trading centre for administrative capital for Guruve District. It is largely a small scale farming area, but has some significant tobacco growing. [1]


Guruve has a population of 184 828. The area is rich in Wildlife and the CAMPFIRE project was introduced to conserve wild life. This has benefited the area in terms of roads and infrastructure.

Development has also been brought by presence of Granite stones, which are used make tombstones and crafts. Mushumbi Pools (Mermaid Pools) are located in the district and tourists used to frequent this place. The district also houses the famous Tengenenge sculpture community. The Community was founded by Tom Blomefield in l966 and is situated 150 kilometers north of Harare at the foot of the Great Dyke. The difference with other villages is the occupation of the inhabitants: they all make a living from sculpting. The village is an open-air gallery. More than 11.000 sculptures are exhibited, made by over 300 different sculptors each having their own style, performance and stand. [2]

Guruve is serviced by Guruve Hospital.

Government / Infrastructure

In the 1990 Parliamentary Election (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Guruve returned to Parliament:

The Guruve local government is Guruve RDC.

Guruve is serviced by Guruve Hospital.

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