These are the courses offered by Harare Polytechnic. Harare Polytechnic follows the Zimsec school terms. Application for these courses is free and the Harare Polytechnic places an advert in the Press. Students are advised to check in person with the Departments with which they would have applied to. The list of accepted students is not published in the Press. Accepted students will be required to pay fees per term. Limited on-campus accommodation is available per term and preference will be given to students coming outside Harare.



Civil Engineering is the only course that is available full time. All the other courses are available part time and are done from Monday to Friday starting from 5 pm to 8 pm. Below are the entry requirements:

Admission Requirements

Science Technology

Construction Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Technology Degree

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements


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Applied Arts

Entry Requirements

Library and Information Science

Entry Requirements


Entry Requirements

Printing And Graphic Arts

Information and Communication Technology

Entry Requirements

School of Journalism And Media Studies

Entry Requirements

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Entry Requirements

List of Courses which do not require Mathematics and English

Minister of Higher Education Amon Murwira gave a decision to cancel Mathematics and English as prerequisites for students to enter tertiary education in February 2018. Heres is a list of the 30 courses which do not require Mathematics and English: