Midlands State University Campus

Midlands State University located in Gweru is a state owned tertiary institution administered by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. The University was established in 2000 and has branches in various parts of the country.[1]

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Location / Contact

(November 2021)
Address: P Bag 9055, Gweru.
Telephone: +263 54 2260359, Fax: +263 54 2260233
Email: infoandpr@staff.msu.ac.zw
Web: https://ww5.msu.ac.zw/,

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Vice Chancellor - Ngwabi Bhebhe.


The idea of a University in the Midlands dates back to the foundation of the National University of Science and Technology when Gweru, which was identified as a possible site for a second university campus in the country, lost its bid to Bulawayo.[2] Two other opportunities to host institutions of higher learning (the Zimbabwe Open University and the Catholic University) were also missed by the Midlands Province, when the two universities went to Harare instead.[2]

It was through the process of devolution that beginning in 1998 Gweru Teachers College started to enrol students studying for the Bachelor of Commerce with Education and the Bachelor of Science with Education degrees offered by the University of Zimbabwe.[2]


The new University, whose name was later changed to the Midlands State University, was to be initially housed at the Gweru Teachers College premises.[2] The mandate of the institution was contained in its broad objects which were; the advancement of knowledge, the diffusion and extension of arts, science and learning, the preservation, dissemination and enhancement of knowledge that is relevant for the development of the people of Zimbabwe through teaching and research and, so far as is consistent with the objects, the nurturing of the intellectual, aesthetic, social and moral growth of the students at the University.[2]

Vision of the University

To be a unique, development oriented, pace-setting and stakeholder driven University that produces innovative and enterprising graduates.[2]

Modes of Study at MSU

Full time undergraduate applicants are enrolled at the university either as conventional or parallel students. These applicants are normally admitted on the basis of their Advanced level passes. The period of study for this category of students is four to five years.[2]


  1. Arts
  2. Commerce
  3. Education
  4. Law
  5. Natural Resources Management And Agriculture
  6. Science And Technology
  7. Social Sciences[2]


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