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A hospital is a facility that provides health care to people or animals through medical and surgical treatment. A hospital typically has specialized medical equipment and trained staff comprising of nurses, general doctors and specialists.

See List of Hospitals in Zimbabwe.
Drug Abuse in Zimbabwe.

Parirenyatwa Hospital


Government General Hospitals

These are found in cities and towns in Zimbabwe. Examples being

Privately Owned Hospitals

Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo

These are hospitals established by private entrepreneurs as businesses. Examples include

Medical Aid Society Owned Health Facilities

These are hospitals owned by medical aid societies such as

Mission Hospitals

These are the hospitals run by religious organisations such as the Roman Catholic Church, The Methodist Church and others. They are generally considered more equipped that government hospitals and therefore where most low-income individuals turn to when in need of serious medical attention. Examples include:


South Africa health services

In April 2023, a court in South Arica ordered all breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, as well as children under six, to be provided with free health services at public hospitals. This includes foreigners and undocumented patients. The Gauteng Department of Health said it took note of the court ruling and was currently going through the judgment and its implications. They would comment further in due course. Government respondents failed to respond to the litigation, other than filing a notice of intention to oppose in July 2022. [1]

2023 situation

During a May 2023 meeting between Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) officials and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health, at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, ZINA officials described public health facilities across the country as death traps due to underfunding by the Government. ZINA Harare province chairperson Lucas Sharara pointed out that public health nurses are ignored by the Government and as a result, most of them are leaving the country for greener pastures. Why do our leaders go to Borrowdale Trauma Centre for medical services leaving our hospitals such as Harare and Parirenyatwa respectively?

ZINA Harare province treasurer Allan Nyamupinga said nurses are currently earning ZWL$45 000. They cannot afford a car, house, mortgage, or anything, because of the RTGS salary. ZINA has been trying to engage the employer but to no avail. Only two meetings had been held so far with the leadership of the new Republic’s Health ministry and this was only after protests by the nurses. Fees are pegged in USD whilst I am earning just $45 000.

A midwife from Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital said women were giving birth on floor beds. She also revealed that the hospital designed to accommodate 30 expecting women was now forced to admit at least 70. Thousands of nurses have left the country for countries such as the UK, Ireland and Australia among others for better prospects. This has left many health clinics in Zimbabwe understaffed and struggling to cope with the demand for health services. [2]



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