Jairos Muumbe was a mujibha during the Second Chimurenga. His story gives personal details of that struggle.

Personal Details

1952 – Born.
No other information is told of place of birth, or family.

School / Education

No information could be found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.


In 1975, Jairos Muumbe left work (for Mitchels Bakery) in town, to work as an intelligence gatherer for the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) in the Chief Musikavanhu area in Chipinge. He was involved in a contact (firefight) with the Rhodesian Army in 1977. And again on 25 December 1978. He describes Rhodesian Fireforce methods.

He speaks of local business support for the Second Chimurenga, in his area of operation, including Rimbi, Mwangazi, Madhuku, Manzvire, Muumbe, Chibuwe and Middle Sabi. He talks of the Blue Line buses, taking a black Rhodesian soldier prisoner on one, and sending him to Espungabera as a PoW.

He was on numerous occasions both arrested and detained by Rhodesian soldiers, Rhodesian CIO, and local security, both as a results of sellouts and for simple ‘suspicion’. He was threatened for information and observed electric torture in use. He was trained in firearm use by ZANLA. He talks of killings of local white farmers.

And he speaks of the ancestral spirits helping the comrades access the area. And Traditional chiefs. And the multi-tribal aspect of the liberation struggle. A local ZANLA commander was a Kore Kore, and there were Ndebele in the unit he supported. [1]

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