The Second Chimurenga was a struggle fought between the Africans and white Rhodesian government which culminated in the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980. The war started in the early 1960s but took a more militant stance with 1966 at the Battle of Chinhoyi and ended in 1980 after the signing of the Lancaster House Agreement.

Second Chimurenga War
Part of Zimbabwe's Liberation War
The Lancaster Conference talks that ended the Second Chimurenga
Date1960s - 1979
19.0154° S, 29.1549° E
Result ZAPU & ZANU waged an intense war leading to negotiated settlement with the Rhodesian government at Lancaster. Ultimate result was matority rule in Zimbabwe.
Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe
Rhodesian Security Forces Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA)
Commanders and leaders
Ian Smith John Nkomo Josiah Tongogara, Wilfred Mhanda