John Mvundura

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John Mvundura
John Mvundura
John Mvundura
BornJohn Mvundura
(1943-08-08) August 8, 1943 (age 80)
  • Politician
Known forPolitics

John Shumba Mvundura is a Zimbabwean politician and senior member the Zimbabwe People First political party. He then joined the National People's Party. He is one amongst the numerous Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) Provincial Chairmen purged on the pretext of being aligned to the Joice Mujuru faction which was implicated in the Factionalism in Zanu-PF 2014 fiasco. He was born on 8 August 1943. He has represented Zimbabwe as the country's ambassador in Mozambique, Swaziland, Libya, Nigeria and Cuba from 1980 to 2013.

Academic Qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science (Pacific Western University in the United States of America USA)
  2. Master of Science Degree in International Relations (Pacific Western University in the USA)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (Pacific Western University in the USA)
  4. Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Relations as well as in Principles of Modern Management.[1]

Political career

Mvundura who is affectionately known as Ambassador Mvundura has been a member of Zanu PF, though his credentials within the party have largely remained obscure. He however, began to rise from obscurity in October 2013, when he ditched his diplomatic post as the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Cuba after he was appointed to be the acting Provincial Chairman of Manicaland. [2] He was to replace Mike Madiro who was suspended over allegations of stealing Robert Mugabe's birthday cattle.[3] Madiro was however acquitted as the court ruled out that this matter was to be solved at the party level.

In November 2013, elections were held in Manicaland Province and Mvundura defeated Monica Mutsvangwa who was also harbouring thoughts of being the Chairperson of the Manicaland Province. [4] Mutsvangwa was not contended with the outcome of the elections and she fumed arguing that the election results was an outcome of rigging. She then appealed to Mugabe to ensure that they were to be free and fair elections in 2014.[4]

His Ouster

Mvundura was one of the unlucky heroes to be purged from the party on allegations of fanning factionalism which had become the rhetoric levelled against all those believed to be sympathetic to Mujuru during the succession battle which rocked the party which intensified in 2014. By and large, it has been reported that his ouster was a well orchestrated move designed to rid the party of potential opposition to Mugabe's life presidency at the 6th ZANU PF Congress held from 2–6 December in 2014.[5]

It has been reported that, on 2 November 2014, they were plans to bus people to demonstrate against Mvundura and his allies at the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting which was to be held at Marymount Teachers College in Mutare. [6] Supa Mandiwanzira who was the then Deputy Minister of Information was fingered out as being the brains behind this plan, though he denied that he has anything to do with this plan to necessitate the ouster of Mvundura.[6]

On 13 November, a politburo meeting was conducted in which Mvundura's case of fanning factionalism was dealt with. The politburo resolved the matter by giving Mvundura a written reprimand. [5] Regardless of this, Mvundura was purged from being the Chairman of Manicaland Province barely 72 hours after the resolution of the politburo. He was accused of pursuing a factional agenda in the leadership of the province, undermining the authority of Mugabe and working with Jabulani Sibanda. Mvundura was also accused of appearing aloof during Grace Mugabe's Sakubva rally in which Godfrey Gomwe explained that he was attacked by youth supporting and sent by Mvundura and Didymus Mutasa.[7] In issuing the statement of Mvundura's ouster, Mandiwanzira who is also ZANU PF's Manicaland Spokesperson said,

'We the undersigned provincial main wing executive members having met in Mutare to deliberate the ongoing affairs and dissatisfied with the conduct and performance of the provincial chairman, John Mvundura, his Deputy, Elliot Kasu and Secretary for Commissariat, James Kaunye, we have passed a vote of no confidence by appending our signatures below'[6]

Samuel Undenge was subsequently appointed to replace Mvundura who can be said to have been thrown to the chagrins of mainstream politics in the country though he has stated that he will remain loyal to ZANU PF.


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