John Tallach is a high school located about 40 kilometers north-east of Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, Bulawayo. In November 2020, there were reports that pupils at the school had tested positive for Covid-19.

John Tallach Entrance

Covid-19 Cases

The Ministry of Health and Child Care confirmed that 184 children contracted COVID-19 at John Tallach High School. At least 607 students and teachers are quarantined.[1]

Investigations by the Ministry of Health and Child Care showed that a pupil who travelled to South Africa to attend a funeral brought the virus back to the school.[2]

Governmnent And NGO Response

The school was closed and no one was allowed to enter or leave the school. The government set up a satellite clinic at the school and deployed medical staff at the school.

Non-governmental organizations also provided sanitizers, washing buckets, soap and other basic necessities to the affected children and teachers.

Zimbabwe Christian Alliance provided counselling services.[3]


There were reports that a student had succumbed to Covid-19. However, officials dismissed the message which was circulating on social media as a hoax.[4]