The Ministry of Health and Child Care is in the Government of Zimbabwe.


During the GNU period, Douglas Mombeshora was the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare. [1]

In September 2015 Aldrin Musiiwa was appointed the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care. [2]

Paul Chimedza reached his zenith when he was appointed deputy minister in the ministry of health and child welfare which was led by David Parirenyatwa. He was not retained in the Emmerson Mnangagwa 2017 cabinet.

In 2020:
Ministry of Health and Child Care Minister - Constantino Chiwenga.
Deputy Minister - John Chamunorwa Mangwiro.
Permanent Secretary - Major General Dr Gerald Gwinji.


  • Coordinate the assessment, identification, and analysis of the priority health challenges and needs of the people of Zimbabwe;
  • Coordinate the development of national health policy, setting of national standards and guidelines, coordinate the planning and provision of an affordable, accessible, acceptable and comprehensive range of healthcare services;
  • Coordinate the establishment and continuous improvement of a reliable national health information system to facilitate planning and evaluation as well as the implementation of policies, strategies and action plans;
  • Consolidate and monitor implementation of national health plans, compliance with national policies and guidelines;
  • Consolidate budget estimates, mobilize and allocate resources and institute expenditure;
  • Consolidate budget estimates, mobilize and allocate resources;
  • Institute expenditure controls and budget analysis;
  • Monitor disease trends, quality of care and population health status;
  • Monitor adherence to pharmaceuticals policies, medicines quality, availability and distribution of medicines;
  • Coordinate Human Resources for Health planning and strategy development;
  • Coordinate the training and development of adequate numbers of health managers to direct an efficient and high-quality health system;
  • Create a conducive regulatory environment through health legislation for both public and private providers;
  • Administer all the enabling acts of Parliament in the implementation of the health care services;
  • Commission essential national health-related research;
  • Ensure interagency coordination in the context of health delivery; and
  • Liaise with international health organizations and donor agencies


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