Kindness Paradza is a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front and is the current Zanu PF secretary for administration for Mashonaland West and legislator for Makonde. He contested in the 2018 elections and won and continues to be Member of Parliament for Makonde.

Kindness Paradza
Kindness Paradza
Born Kindness Paradza
Nationality Zimbabwe
Employer Government of Zimbabwe
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front


Career as Journalist

Kindness previously worked as a journalist at the Financial Gazette.[1]

Suspension From ZANU PF

Paradza's expulsion followed allegations that he was guilty of misconduct and undermining he party by working with anti-government elements.[2] The committee which sat and decided the fate of Paradza was ironically led by Phillip Chiyangwa who was also expelled from the party after facing almost similar allegations.[2] Some of the charges levelled against Paradza included not being able to work with the provincial executive and was also alleged not to have been a card-carrying member of the party.[2] Paradza's crimes were also said to include being very hostile to journalists, seeking funding from the British government for his newspaper which was eventually banned.[3]

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The Makonde legislator is alleged to have made claims in parliament that ZIPRA forces that had operated in his constituency had sired children in the area but had returned to their homes without claiming their children who were now facing problems trying to get national identity cards.[1] The sentiments were said to have angered members of the MTHWAKAZI Republic Party (MRP).[1]

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