Kwekwe Bus Disaster
Kwekwe Bus Disaster.jpg
Part of the wreckage of the accident
Date3 March 2016
Location20km outside Kwekwe
Bus operatorPfochez
Type of incidentYutong Bus
CauseBurst front tyre

The Kwekwe Bus Disaster happened on the afternoon of 3 March 2016 when a Pfochez Harare bound collided head on with a Bulawayo bound Mercedes Benz sprinter minibus. The Pfochez bus was coming from Bulawayo. 26 people died on the spot and 6 more people died at hospitals within days of the accident.

The accident was declared a national disaster in Zimbabwe.[1]


The Pfochez bus driver lost control of the bus after it burst its left front tyre and encroached into the opposite lane, causing the head-on collision with the minibus. The bus landed on its side and slided for a distance while the minibus was damaged whole (see picture).[2]

Police Officer Commanding Midlands Province Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo said the accident could have been avoided if the driver of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Bhekithemba Tshuma, had reduced speed and pulled off to the left to avoid the impact.[1]

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